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heyya everyone

Its Friday!
Finally ya’ll can sit back relax or just sit your ass down coz there will be 2 extra days to sleep in XD

Its time for ya’ll to strip of from ya’ll formal uniforms and just put on something more comfortable…or maybe just go all the way out…NAKED! for all i care XD [If you do that don’t forget to mail me the pic[s] XD]


I could!!




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Hahah…the title caught your eyes eh?.
I gotta admit this…sooner or later people will notice this XD…
Im not good with titles [duh!]
so pardon the gesture XD

this is a special review for the once every 4 years birthdays…
or what i love to say…a leapers birthday…get it?..LEAPers..XD..
*coughs* ok thats not good either XD
live with it!!


to those who celebrated their birthdays on 29th February…
Im not sure if i can live with celebrating my birthday every four years…XD..no cake, no presents, no gatherings….and yet…you get older and older…XD

this is an another birthday images that caught my eyes XD


interesting huh?..
if i were a guy, i prolly start drooling XD…
Who [FOR GUYS] never thought to have their lovers do this on their birthday?..with a cones breasts [like madonna’s] and the gift thingy on the ***** area holding a cake?..

You prolly think, skip the cake, lets get to the main part..I wanna open my present first XD XD
Wow….to think, i have a perverted sight too XD..
hey im only human XD

so happy birthday ya’ll 29th february-ers…
have fun this year…

neko neko

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Salute fellow reader…
I made this blog because i want to XD
nah…i feel like this world needs another ‘ranter’ or blabber in a blog…
so beware everyone…XD
you might be the one i rant XD

My rants are all pure of my own opinion and thoughts and all of it IS true…

so please don’t feel offended by it and lets all be nice here k XD



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