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Above ^..yea..up there..
is my redition/attempt on Morning Musume Resonant Blue XD..
Im currently recovering some throat issues..
and its finally LESS bleeding now XD..

so i thought on trying resonant blue after quite some time i was on HIATUS from singing..

and as you can see..

i finally lost it..

i prolly cannot sing the way i like anymore…

*crossfingers*….hopefully this is just a sign that im recovering nicely and soon will be singing online again XD


Goto Maki is back and she’s in LA..

you can check it on her blog


i hope she’s doing a come back….SOON!



MM Limited A 36th Single COver

MM 36th single cover Limited B



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i got to go to college tomorrow..need to settle somethings..

but i couldn’t go to bed…

and i blame this video XD

and resonant blue image cover

from Morning Musume

nice right?..

still don’t like koha tho XD

she looks like a B*tch XD

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My sister had an accident today on the way to work..
thank god she’s fine and not injured..
but not to the car she used that morning..
It was rammed!..front..back…and side[on the driver’s side]

But its ok…

PS: tomorrow i’ll post pics of my dad b’day on 23rd march XD


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PV RIP for Morning Musume -Resonant Blue


sorry for not being able to post this sooner..i’ve been sick -__-



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Like i said..i’ll provide you the PV rip Mp3 to download..so a simple thank you is loved…

MorningMusume-Resonant Blue [PV Rip]

Here’s also some of the screencaps..
My fave screencaps only XD..editted to be an avatar..

So please credit an LJ user..aicassandra if use ๐Ÿ™‚

She’s the one who made it..:)

Nice eh?..

so Don’t forget…to credit aicassandra@ aism.net for the avatarsif use ๐Ÿ™‚


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Morning Musume’s 36th single PV is out a couple of days ago…and well its not as what i had expected …

My first ACTUAL review watching the opening for the song was..

its dark…..

It ain’t like any other MM ‘colorful’ vids..
Oh no..This vid is somethin’ special..
It mostly ONLY features…
Tanaka Reina, Takahashi Ai, and Koharu Kusumi

And with a little appearance of..well you can say..just cameo-ing XD:

Gaki,Mitsi and Sayumama

The rest was blurry..
I saw a lil of Eririn..and blurs of Junjun and linlin..
My review of this PV is:
@ 10 seconds: I thought..seriously..thought it was takahashi Ai…When i rewatched it again..and again..and again XD..Then i knew it was Mitsi XD..Linlin is OBVIOUSLY hard to see with the dark effects of the video and Junjun is also slightly hard to see..-__-..

@ seconds after the song starts: I was wondering why everyone dance in the same beat…except Koharu??..
It looks as if in her head she was sayin’ “Oh yeah im doin’ my way..oh yeah…”

: Love the song beats..unfortunately its repeatetive..as much addicting it can get..its also a fast down fall to boring land.

:Im not against the PV or anything…im thinking that Tsunku wanted to have an edgier MM again..like Kanashimi twilight..egao Yes Nude…or Onna ni sachi are. I think he wanted to show how versatile the girls can be other than a cute idols…he wanted them to know that they can be sexy..and edgier..AND cute at the same time..
EG: Tanaka Reina IS rocking this song ..she looks pretty and cute ๐Ÿ™‚
Gaki: Looks mature and beautiful…
Sayumam: Man, she looks HAWT! XD..What happen to the cute usa chan peace girl?? XD

:While watching..i really love their body movement/shakes on the chorus..and YES! im still wondering what the hell is Koharu doing at the back ..its like in her mind thinking ” Oh yea im cool..yea yeah..look at me..” XD…

:It seems that Tsunku is trying to get them all back to the old MoMuSu days where..well..only some people with strong vocals would be in the front line..OH WAIT!..Does that mean Koharu has a strong vocal?..Wow…i won’t say im shock or not on that term XD..

But i’ll go with the reason Reina , Ai and Koharu is choosen is because of..

Reina: Has the LARGEST fan base..
Ai : Well she is mainly one of the strong vocal and also a leader in MM..i’ll be damned if a leader doesn’t get much lines XD
Koharu: I’ll take a wild guess and says..she’s currently the IT girl in idol world..she’s the fast selling..oh wait…Kirarin Revolution..IS the fast selling in Japan..so let see..if she were never a seiyuu to a popular KR anime…would she be in the front line?..I’ll take a guess…*shakes head* NO…:)

:Ai’s “oweao’s” or whatever it spelt is PWND!

:I love their energy and dancing is not hard to learn ๐Ÿ™‚

:@ 3:32..the so called line-up snake dance..is PWND!..i love it..i think thats the only best thing other than Reina is back being in front line..XD

: Sayumama’s “help me” is OWNED!…she’s becoming a great beauty XD..but i still not fond with her narcistic behavior XD..

:The ending was ok for me XD
Im not a big fan of Koharu since the begining she joined MM…but i won’t let it interfere with my review XD [but i know i did…so LIVE with it!]

I’ll provide a PV rip Mp3 after this ๐Ÿ™‚

PS: hopefully next timeTsunku..have time to get everyone atleast a line..LIKE 2004 joshi kashimashi monogatari! ๐Ÿ™‚

with love


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I just found out today from my dad that he has a some sort
Pankreasย  cancer/tumor….
It breaks my heart the moment i heard he said the word “some sort of cancer like”…
Its been months since he started being sick..
and all the doctors he went to said he was just having a light sick {damn all the doctors!}

And i basically just stop crying now since he told us at noon…
and feeling a bit sleepy..

I made a promise to myself about 5 years ago after my mum passed away…that if something fatal happens to my dad and [please god don’t make this true>] and he follow my mum…i will find a way to be with them…yes, you know what i mean…KILL MYSELF…

I know when my mum passed away..up until today, i still cannot take the fact that she’s not here…and i know im just gonna go crazy and NOT be myself anymore if something happen to my dad…so rather than giving my sister [the only one who is sane enough to find a job in my siblings].[.the eldest son is a pain in the ass…and thinks he’s a millionair and sleep all day..so f… him…i don’t care anymore…] a big headache and problem [which is me -__-].. i rather die and let her live in peace…
So please god…
Don’t take the only parent i have right now…
I don’t want relatives take care of us siblings…
Truthfully..i love them…but i don’t trust them with life [i don’t trust people easily…]

Let my dad live long..
let him ACTUALLY see his grandchildren..
my/big sister childrens [I don’t actually have any children..but genericly speaking if i get married by 25-26..im 18 now..] ..Let him liveย  LONG enough toย  be a great granddad.. and see how he raised GREAT wonderful daughters and be proud of us…!!



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