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lets all hope te best for both of them 🙂


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IM a big animal fans…especially cheetahs..
I was watching Animal Planet [tv teeth] for the past half an hour…
the story was about 2 young male cheetahs names “tunkin” and “Suma”
both of them were orphan at young age..so this program host [dunno what his name]
took care of them..and finally bring them to Wild Africa to live as a wildlife..
he stayed with both the young males everyday for the pass 2 years…
see how they’ve grown and stuffs..

so its kinda the cheetahs was his adopted “sons”
then one day..he made an early documentary and said that last night a couple of lions went to their territories…”Tunkin” made a run..Unfortunately “Suma” never made it out..
He died that night…

the program host…was crying and said it was his fault..If he just let the cheetahs in a mre secure life like in a cage for the rest of their lives..things would never happen..and that would NEVER happen…
he partially blammed himself for the death of his “adopted” son

I couldn’t help but get emotional…
they were apart of his family..
He took care of them when they were first made orphan..
he took them in and made a home for them..
treating their injuries..
feed them when they couldn’t find any food sources..

it was his “sons”…

Sorry…im still a bit emotional from the show -__-*
I don’t think that it his fault.
Its life…
he gave the young cheetahs a hell of a lifetime..
keeping them safe and let them lead their lives..
I think he should be proud that he raised great young cheetahs..
and im sure “Sumba” died happily to have known such a caring and great “father”


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check out this military parody version of Morning Musume Renai Revolution..
they even SING it!


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This is totally has nothing to do with H!P or anything XD

But WonderingDreams is my own made covergroup…
there’s a link on the blogroll there “_”
I just made my first revamp
and we just debuted our first single Ai No Tane
on our forum, VAA and finally here 🙂

Track 1 :Ai no Tane
Track 2 :Song Medley!
Track 3: Ai no Tane [Acapella]

Release Date: 25th April 2008
Voice Mixed by: Nayami, Vallespi123 & heachan
Song Mixed by: heachan
Singers: Nayami, Antiperfect, ajrich [covered by vallespi123], RefiChan,
heachan, Vallespi123, Kiwi Blush, & Isolde Michi.

Singers in order hearance:
Kiwi Blush
Isolde Michi
ajrich [covered Vallespi123]

Any constructive critique will be loved for future reference 🙂

Additional notes: im sorry if the mixing is off or bad or whatever negative stuffs comes in mind..I tried my best [actually a couple of times XD] and i hope you enjoyed it

PS: i know the cover look “cheap” sorry about that..i have absolutely no talent in coloring [but i colored using their original color code]XD


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Firstly i want to thank Puffy Love for informing me this news..Just like any other “wannabe” press..I do dig in this matter first..
So the best way, is right to the soon-to-be-actress’s blog..Biscuit Club Blog . With a VERY* poor translation,
I manage to read of that her first career as an actress will start off in Hong Kong..Its still undecided…yet..
It seems that aibon herself is still unsure of the details…
But What’s this?…
Will we hear Aibon speaking chinese or English instead of Japanese?..
and if its approved..what kind of movie will she act on?..
Damn, all this question makes me eager to know everything XD…

PS: on the 2 previous blogging of hers..she said her current favourite color is Purple and Green..
HEY!! thats MY favourite color for over a decade now :>_<:


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More Gifs for your pleasure

remember to credit: nekocafe’

its not hard to write me name arrr…XD

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket <-This is not my work..its from some guy i think from hello!island :)[the young tsuji scratching]

enjoy 🙂


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Nono most recent picture with baby noa-wa to proof was in the papers..
Looks like, similar to her Two top TWIN, she TOO had a haircut!

although the picture is a bit blurr..but i am positive enough to see a clear image of NONO..
she looked so “adult-like” now..
her outfit has TOTALLY change its phrase, from cute,sexy..short “skimpy” outfits to a more mature-lady like outfit..

and you can somesort ‘feel’ the motherly vibe…just by looking at the pic 🙂

the main question is..
when will her comeback gonna come/happen?
She IS still officially on “hiatus” or Maternity leave state..

and also..
will we still gonna see the ol’ nono we knew?
The ‘wild’,playful,crazy,hyper,witty,screamy and sexy Nono?

im bearing the pain of the fact that she might gonna return being a somesort newage enka singer..like Iida..
oh please god..hear this young girl prayers..don’t let my nono be a newage enka…

picture credit to: H-O


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