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Everyone’s performance is great..

Stacy: both perf. are AMAZING!!
Nadia: The first one is MIND BLOWING..but not the second perf.
Riz: Both are great
Nubhan: The first one is ok..the second one is SOULFULL
Toi: he’s good..but need something more..like UMMPHHH..



The 5th place winner is: Nadia [I honestly think she would be in top 3..I guess people’s vote matters more than a voice -__- ..but everyone can see it…from her previous votings…]

The 4th place winner is: Toi [I expect him to be in the 5th place…I don’t think his voice is great..but well either 4 or 5 is ok XD]

The 3rd place winner is: Nubhan [he got the voice…but need more XD]

The 2nd place winner is: Riz [He deserves it!!…]

The  WINNER  is none other than: STACY!!!!! [We all actually know that Stacy might be a winner but you know a lot of people won’t want a Sabahan talent to win…but im kinda happy that A.F6 choose a REAL TALENT! instead of just face :)]


NAMA PENUH : Stracie Angie Anam
NAMA AF6 : Stacy
NAMA TIMANGAN : Putet (atau teeeeeeet )
UMUR : 18 Tahun
TARIKH LAHIR : 18 Ogos 1990
ASAL : Kg Tuavon, Penampang, SABAH
BANGSA : Kadazan
STATUS : Bujang
TINGGI : 155 cm
BERAT : 51kg
HOBI : Menari, menyanyi*
IDOLA : Christina Aguilera, Felix AF3*CONGRATS TO HER 🙂




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Try this :)


its funny…

tried the rumour generator…







Thats so random but funny!






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(Before we start here’s the picture from the previous blog entry I translated ^^)

Anyways back on Q

 a very short video clip of Ai practicing her martial arts moves on set here.

YESH! Finally some Aibon action..

she will fight in the movie…*VICTORY*

[Translated by :Author: thanks again :)]

2008/5/21 12:00

“Action!” I wonder how many times I heard that word yesterday… Every time I hear that word, my nerves tense up, and my heart races. That’s how yesterday was, day one. Unfortunately, I still haven’t gotten into my character yet, so yesterday’s first action was really me fighting with myself. I’ve never done anything quite like this, and it’s full of fun and difficulty and frustration. But I’m really happy to be doing my first real role as an actor. I’m happy that I find myself thinking more and more about my role in the movie. That’s how it is. It’s been really, really hard, but it feels like I can get over this difficulty with help. That’s when I thought about something people had told me a lot; “Getting too accustomed is not good.” That really is true, isn’t it? But not getting accustomed is no good either… So, ask until you understand! Rest when you’re tired! Eat when you’re hungry! Huh? (lol) Yeah.

Yesterday, it took about six hours to film five minutes of the movie. That’s so long! But when I was actually on the set, I didn’t notice the time fly by. “Oh!” (six hours pass…) Like that. Yeah, that was it (lol)

It’s interesting the way the staff all speak different languages on the set, like Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Thai, and English. So, when we have free time, we all write notes in different languages to study and allow us to communicate. That’s always fun. Oh, that reminds me. Yesterday, my manager said, “She was speaking English with Vanness Wu,” but I wasn’t really talking fluently! Sorry… I’m still learning, so when I hear a difficult word, I’m like “?” (lol) Everybody calls me “Ai”, but when I miss my mark they all say things like “Ai-chan, mochotto, matte” or “Daijobu desu ka? Suwaru?”** trying their best to speak Japanese. They’re all so kind. But when it comes to the real thing, they can be strict. Anyway, we’re filming more action scenes today. If I let my mind wander, I could get hurt. I’ll focus my nerves, keep smiling, and do my best today. I saw some comments saying that there’s a storm in Japan. Are you all okay? It always rains where I go, and it rained here all day. That’s not good… Xie xie.


PS: The food on set is good ☆

**Note: These translate as: “Ai… wait… moment” or “You okay? Sit down?” Ai also wrote the phrases in katakana, to emphasize that they were spoken in a foreign accent.






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Hahah…just wanna brag to you guys that i finally made a cover from an Anti-Racist song,…ACAPELLA tho’ LOL…
The original Karaoke can’t fit my voice because the song was sung by different type of voice ranges.
So I sung acapella…i guess its my own voice can’t fit the karaoke LOL
Sorry for keep changing my voice range..
and sorry for sounding dead..
I’ve been coughing..im guessing its the time of the month for me to get sick…wat la like this hahah XD

Anyways…keep on supporting M.A.F.U
Let it not be a passerby in the music industry…




Banners are made from the website..

support them..please..:)


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It seems she’s in HongKong already and is ready to start shooting the movie

the media caught her up on Narita Airport for a press confrence before leaving to Hong Kong

-Just before leaving for Hong Kong, approximately 100 reporters gathered to see Kago Ai.-
the press conference can be viewed here

translation for her confrence is below:

She’s been unable to sleep for the past three days, but she says she’s doing well and is grateful for everyone who’s helped her. She’s nervous, but ready to do her best. Asked how she feels about working with a big star like Sammo Hung, she says she’s determined to work hard to keep up with him. As for Vaness Wu, she hasn’t had a chance to meet him yet, but she knows she will be in a lot of scenes with him, so they’ll be together a lot. She bought some books so that she’d be able to communicate with him. Asked to show off her Chinese abilities, she has trouble remembering how to say “Hello” but claims that she’ll study on the plane and in Hong Kong. She does eventually come up with a “Ni Hao”, but feels bad about forgetting everything she’d studied the day before. She thinks that she can introduce herself, as long as she has a phrasebook with her.

She says that it’s been almost three years since appearing in front of the press, and is grateful that so many people came out to see her so early in the morning. A reporter asks her how she felt a year ago after being dismissed, and she repeats that she felt as though it was her fault and she didn’t understand what she was doing. But after having time to reflect and looking back at her previous works, she started to think of how she should have done things better. She didn’t think she had much hope during the past year, but now thinks that it was because of all the hardships that she had to overcome that she was given the opportunity she has today.

She also admits that she lost weight over the past year and says that it was partly because she wanted to change herself and to appear more mature. So, she started looking after her body, cooking for herself, and trying new foods. She says that she never really noticed that she was chubby before, but while she was under “house arrest”, she watched herself on DVD and thought that she looked fat. By age 19, she had never dieted before, so she decided to try. Because she hates to lose, she was able to keep on dieting. Since she does like Chinese food, she feels that she may rebound back to her old weight in China. But if that happens, she plans to diet again. Though she does say that she still likes herself, no matter how much she weighs.

On the subject of her blog, she says that she’s happy to read the comments every day and sees the readers as friends who give her advice. She’s happy that her fans have been so kind to her. Every morning she looks forward to reading them, and when she turns on her computer she’s always happy to see how many comments there are.

Asked what her biggest motivation was during her time off, she says that seeing the other members of Hello Project working hard on TV motivated her. She felt that if they were working hard, she should be working hard too. While she thought it would be fun to be back on stage with them again, she knew it would never happen again. Right now, she wants to concentrate on becoming an actor, and if she’s given an offer for something she wants to do, she’d be happy to. She says that she still likes to sing, but actually prefers listening to music now. Even so, she would still sing if she had the chance.

Asked (bluntly) if she still smokes, she says that she doesn’t. When another reporter asks her for the best way to quit smoking, she’s not really sure, but suggests chewing gum or eating candy. Specifically, she recommends mint gum and milk candy. She does admit that milk candy is a bit strange.

Her final message to her fans: “Kago Ai has finally made her comeback. I’m going to Hong Kong now to film a movie. I’m really nervous, but I’ll do the best I can. Thank you for your support.”

Her message to Tsunku: “I saw on the internet that your wife gave birth to twins. Congratulations.” She admits that she hasn’t had a chance to see him, but thinks she should email him.

[thanks to author for the translation]

it seems she stopped smoking…thats a good thing..she can’t be healthy with all her diet with cigarettes every hours XD

on her blog [too lazy to rranslate..]
she had her hair dyed for the movie..
its a bit chesnutty colored…

[at Narita Airport]

[coloring hair]

[new colored hair- normal pic]

[new colored hair-close up]

her newest post is My Baby on 19/5/2008
she asked how is Japan that day,when she’s here [in HK]
It felt like it has been a long time and she felt distance and yet impressed to leave japan to get a lot of variety while absorb a lot of growth around it
That morning,she saw a cute baby..[she held the baby!]
and thanked to the soothing Kono Kono [?]

and yep, she want the baby >_<

just a rough translation for her newest post 🙂

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This time im upping Morning Musume karaoke discs 🙂
Everything is owned by H!P themselves….
I don’t have much to say, coz im tired and its 11:27PM ,its the end of a long tiring day..
and tomorrow’s a new day also, my brother’s 32nd birthday, its actually on monday…but we celebrate early..he got to work on monday >_<‘

Have fun singing MM-old songs XD



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Nah, Its not MAzaa[Mother] F**king yoU! LOL..
its Malaysian Artistes For Unity..
Finally they did a whole song with the Malaysian Artists..
The title is Here In My Home..

The artistes participating here is:
Afdlin Shauki
Ning Baizura
Jaclyn Victor
Pete Teo
Jason Lo
KLG Sqwad
Daniel Lee
Nikki Palikat
Melina William
Tony Fernandes
Maya Karin
Marith Iskander
Stephen Chua
Shebby Singh
Nell Ng*
Mak Wai Hoo
Badri Ibrahim
Chan Fong
Mark Teh
Kamal Sabran
Sharifah Amani
Ng Choo Seong
Pang Khee Teik*
Jerome Kugan
January Low
Amber Chia
Nick Lee
Liang You Cheng
Muid Latif*
Cheong Ji Ann
Ida Nerina
Muhamad Safwan
Anissa Abd Aziz
Fadly Sabran
Danny One
Nurhanim Khairudin
Joe Loy
Ho YuHang
Yasmin Ahmad

*Phew* holy S**T..thats a long list XD..
anyways names who are marked with * is for the unsured name spelling XD

actually the song is not bad ..for a KELUARAN MALAYSIAN [Malaysian Edition..]
to tell you the truth i don’t really much support Malaysian music LOL..
although they always said “SUPPORT THE LOCAL MUSIC”

please put down the torches and fork people..
the reason why i don’t really support is..DO YOU REALLY LISTEN CAREFULLY TO MALAYSIAN MUSIC?..
I know they want to keep the “TRADITIONAL” vibe in local music..but does the video music need to suck too?..

Most of their lyrics are based on lost love or just pure about friggin love of man or woman rather than for all community..
DUDE, Listen MALAYSIAN ARTIST! take risk, make music more like the new one i’ve listen to, the “Here in My Home” song..This is what the kind of music kids todays are listening..NOT “Aku cinta kepadamu” NOR “percayalah”…

you want people to support..then put some effort in making the music for us to support..
if you want to compete with the underground music singers [WHICH IS WAY BETTER THAN THE MALAYSIAN SINGERS itself], be prepared with a good elements and stuffs..-___-

Anyways…back to main topic..LOL..
This is actually the first time i’ve listen to a MALAYSIAN music…AGAIN..[not really first time lor..I’ve listen to it frequently but from the Indonesian singers..so i don’t think its proper to call them Malaysian music where its clearly NOT!]
and I like what im listening..
I really love Atilias voice here and also Afdlin Shauki’s voice…
I know Awie and Ning Baizurah’s is already a singer..
and Atilias music have not been heard much from the music industry..but i do recommend on take a listen to her voice tho’…its soothing…
thats the kind of strong voice Malaysian need, rather than just pick people and make them famous based on their faces..duh!

I love how the four language rap was placed in the song
Malay,Chinese, Indian and English..
this song really brings out the best in people..
I don’t really want to point on the lyrics tho’…
some parts of them just seem..pointless..and suck…XD
so yeah…
to those GAIJINS [XD] have a go and listen..

[who says Asian’s can’t speak crear engrish?? HAHAHA]

Its best if you guys check their site out at :

all downloads is their too XD

this is actually one of Malaysian artistes first anti-racism song evar..and its kool!

[me says: for what you guys being a racist for ah??…We live under the same earth, breath the same air and see the same sky…quit being a racist and learn to love even if you’re different color or race or religion as the next person..got it??]

[everyone: YES MA’AM!]


PS: this song is so kool that i might try and sing it ma self XD…
just wait XD


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