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Its official..no more v-u-den starting 29th June 2008, the trio will embark a new way for each other…
making their own future within H!P….

and oh yeah,
im talking about Miyoshi Erika and Okada Yui..
Ishikawa Rika still got Ongaku Gatas..

Let me reminisce their early days in my own point of view…[although im not a fan…but its sad to see a somewhat strong group being disbanded ]

V-U-DEN or correctly known as Biyuuden which brings the meaning as “beauty”[Bi], “Bravery”[yuu], “legend”[den] was formed on August 2004.Consisted with 3 cute girls who emerged as beautiful ladies we know today, Ishikawa Rika[23] -leader-,Miyoshi Erika[24],and Okada Yui[21].This group is by far one of the weakest voices ever been formed,but throughout the years [3 years and 9months to be exact], they never ceased to take V-U-DEN up a notch every single time they’re on public eyes and improved in singing.

I personally never a fan of Ishikawa voice nor when she sings..
but throughout the years……. ….. ….Nope…still the same feeling..i still don’t like her LOL..
She looks so….plastic to me..but i might be wrong..I based on what i saw on tv and other bloggers point of views..I don’t know Ishikawa Rika indvidually like MorningMusume and V-U-DEN..
So i might going to stick to Ongaku Gatas for a while to keep looking something about Rika i would fancy.

Miyoshi Erika might probably be the only one v-u-den member i would want to see more in spotlight.
There’s more to her that H!P and UFA can’t see..just like what they can’t see the potentials in Fujimoto Miki,Yasuda Kei and Yaguchi Mari.

As for Okada Yui,come on..people likes her because of her somewhat DD cups..and she could pull off the sexiness in her.I still don’t feel the vibe from her as what i feel from Morning Musume..The “wow” factor in her still doesn’t shine…it seems like she’s trying to be sexy but cute at the same time..its not really working on her..REMEMBER when she covered Matsuura Aya’s song “Nee”? she tried to be all cutesy and sexy…I can’t help but laugh..because i think its somewhat a big NO NO from me….
But overall,I think Okada can make it as a gravure idol LOL..if she ever gonna consider for it..LOL

I don’t think UFA will give Yui and Erika more spotlight after this then they should’ve..
So hopefully UFA will prove me wrong and give Erika and Yui some work to do or singles to release rather than just let them rehearse dancing for every H!P concerts only.

Although i was never a fan of V-U-DEN,I do still listen and liked some of their songs etc Aisu kurim to my purin mainly LOL
but there’s just something about the lackness in 3 of them that makes their music sounded………. unique.

and i liked it…

Whatever fate happens to these three girls..
lets all pray for the best of them in the future…




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Personally i haven’t heard of it yet LOL..
Im writing using college comp. so yeah LOL..

I’ll be writing more as soon as possible…
So stay TUNE!




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This is some great big shit we have..
sorry for using such language..
but i think i just died and gone to heaven…XD

I was woken up by a call from Miss [forgot her name XD],saying that i was choosen to be interviewed by the college department governments because i am good..what the hell man…i choked even talking to people..[haha..that is SO NOT true XD]
when i opened my computer, to many messages wanting me to be in their groupdub [which i declined all due to hectic life XD..now]

well not that shocking actually XD
Like the April Fool Jokes Jinryuichi pulled on us readers XD
makes me think..with a talent and beauty like Maki, I don’t think H!P will be her last label XD..
and seriously I had put my 2 coins in the lot to guess she’s in with Avex…

When i first saw her FIRST avex picture..
sorry to say..I love both this girls…but i just had to say this


Goto Maki will be working under RythmZone label which also works with EXILE and Koda Kumi etc..

Now our questions are answered on why she’s in LA with krumping and voice training..
Good Luck to Gomaki…eh…i don’t think we should call her on H!P fan name..

WE must have new Fan Name for HER!!

GoKKI! yahhh….[Thats so lame XD]

anyways this is her new look as of today AS an AVEX artist..




Her new profile and information can be found at her own website:  http://rhythmzone.net/maki/index.html

the last thing im gonna say abt Gokki new ‘transformation’ is..

…she left H!P because they way UFA and Tsunku gets her to do and act up sexy is not her thing…i think…she forgot in Avex…SEX SELLS! XD……


anyways…Now onto a different story…Tsuji Nozomi..or what i always called her nonochi…
finally made an appearance on yuko’s birthday concert bringing a cake..

this is a mic rip from the concert 🙂

and finally a “birthday” singing from nonochi..to tell you the truth i was almost in tears listening to this..
Finally nonochi voice after maternity leave..

im hoping that this would be a sign of her coming back…




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2008 is THE year for fellow H!P for making a comeback…First Kago Ai with her new acting skills, then Goto Maki [hopefully she dances not just to waste time..XD],then Ayaka..soon to debut following her dream in acting and now Iida Kaori!



It has been reported that Iida Kaori will participate in Cool Earth Ambassador 2008 on July 7th.
CEA is a campaign to reduce the earth’s CO² emissions . she will be appearing alongside current MM line up and Natsumi Abe. I seriously never thought she would make her comeback as early OR before nonochi..But its great to see Kaorin on the public eye and get ‘connected’ again with her fans…

more info can be found here:
http://www.kantei.go.jp/jp/coolearthamb/ or


glad to see you’re back again kaori…
Hope she release a new single 🙂


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Watch out for yer MAID!

No this is not kinky stuffs…

But this is the real deal…
Do Not PUT 100% trust on your maids!..
especially baby sitters..
I don’t care if you knew that person for 20 years ot not..YOU WILL NEVER KNOW HOW THEIR HEART OR MIND THINKS OF YOU!

This is the reason why…




watch it…..

understand it…

be AWARE of it!…..


if you see any bruises on your kid..
Ask them about it?
Don’t sound forceful and demand..
just ask them nicely…

Kids WILL talk to you guys when they feel “safety”
They WILL never gonna talk and will get further away from you if you keep demanding them more…

I don’t have kids…but i AM a child myself..
and i DO experience this kind of things…
having a some sort “complicated” family…I know what im saying..

You don’t need to be an expert to know this..instead….you just need to learn by the atmosphere and spent a little time with you kids..WITHOUT ending up angered one another…




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Happy Father’s Day to ALL the father’s in the world…
Especially to the handsome man on the mug [which was a present] to my DAD!

The pictures is taken by yours truly♥ XD

and also..

I want to take a little time to say HAPPY PAPA DAY to



Taiyou Sugiura-san

Both “new” daddies in the world of HP XD
…..so to all “daddies” bloggers out there…to fellow daddies…and my dad..



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On 8th June..Sunday to be precise,was the opening for one of the “large-est” mall in Sabah called at “1 Borneo”.Im not sure if anyone knows the “Big Apple Donut”.

know that label?
My sister..her boyfriend..his daughter and me was in line waiting to buy their “famous-so-called tasty” [and it IS!] doughnut..when i turn softly on my east-south side when i saw “TSUNKU”.
Ok that might not be him..but that guy seriously looked exactly like him.
The Hair..The mold of his face [LOL..i lost word here XD]..the mayuge raise..the smile..the body [structure i meant!]..and the height…

I WAS gonna steal a picture of him from my cellphone..
UNFORTUNATELY..i’ve been staring him for the past 5 minutes..so he was giving me “THE LOOK” …so i couldn’t -__-

but i really wanna XD
he looks just like this:

Everything is the same..Xcept for the suit..
he was wearing blue working shirt..

I could’ve swear it was him..LOL

Just a little update of my curiosity….

–If it was really him..i would just show my singing talent [BAH! like i have one XD infront of him and said “Watashiwa Kyu-kin MoMuSu Memba”

The reason why i said this because on the opening day of the mall..some of Asian finest actors and actresses was called for the ceremony…so i was hoping when i saw Tsunku Lookalike i would see “MOMUSU”..GAKI!!!…REINA!!!..ERI!!!..LINLIN!!! KYAAAA~~~~~~ XD


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