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Everyone’s performance is great..

Stacy: both perf. are AMAZING!!
Nadia: The first one is MIND BLOWING..but not the second perf.
Riz: Both are great
Nubhan: The first one is ok..the second one is SOULFULL
Toi: he’s good..but need something more..like UMMPHHH..



The 5th place winner is: Nadia [I honestly think she would be in top 3..I guess people’s vote matters more than a voice -__- ..but everyone can see it…from her previous votings…]

The 4th place winner is: Toi [I expect him to be in the 5th place…I don’t think his voice is great..but well either 4 or 5 is ok XD]

The 3rd place winner is: Nubhan [he got the voice…but need more XD]

The 2nd place winner is: Riz [He deserves it!!…]

The  WINNER  is none other than: STACY!!!!! [We all actually know that Stacy might be a winner but you know a lot of people won’t want a Sabahan talent to win…but im kinda happy that A.F6 choose a REAL TALENT! instead of just face :)]


NAMA PENUH : Stracie Angie Anam
NAMA AF6 : Stacy
NAMA TIMANGAN : Putet (atau teeeeeeet )
UMUR : 18 Tahun
TARIKH LAHIR : 18 Ogos 1990
ASAL : Kg Tuavon, Penampang, SABAH
BANGSA : Kadazan
STATUS : Bujang
TINGGI : 155 cm
BERAT : 51kg
HOBI : Menari, menyanyi*
IDOLA : Christina Aguilera, Felix AF3*CONGRATS TO HER 🙂




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Yes you read the title correctly…
this is their week 7 concert and by far the WEAKEST performance ever…
the reason i didn’t do any review here is because thats how bad the performance are that i LOST the feeling to review..
but to satisfied your craving..

This is my overall review..

This week’s concert is BAD, even the strong voices are WORST tonight!
Of course there are some ‘good’ pointers but its lesser than the bad ones XD

so rather than bashing i’ll tell you guys who was voted out…


yesh! finally..he’s out..Im actually ARE glad that he’s finally out…that dude can’t sing..i kept on wondering why he stay strong there..If its because of the face..GAWD please..beggars looks much better than that guy..

so im looking forward for STANLY to be kicked out..
i know he have a TENOR voice..but gawd..he can’t sing any other ranges..he’s mezzo is bad..he’s alto is even worst..even worst!

Im also looking forward for Toi to be voted out to..I like his charisma..unfortunately he can’t sing that good -__-

well..off my rant XD


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Im currently watching Akademi Fantasia..
some sort of like “American Idol” Program
and its aired in the whole Malaysia..

the first performance was from Alif..apparently he is in the highest rank % from 9 contestants..
Alif sung “Hai” from Adam..
His performance is lifeless..
he needs to work more to give life in his voice.
And god, also in facial expression…
his voice is overall ok..
rating from 1-5..

honestly i would give a 1.0
Its the 5th week concert and i don’t see any spark in any of his performance NOR singing yet..
work harder Alif..

Next perf is from Stanly
he’s from Sarawak
and have a “tenor” voice
he basically blew everyone away with the first concert when he sung “you raise me up”
UNFORTUNATELY as he blew us away..he accidentally blew his ability to switch ranges..
This week concert, he sung “ummi” by dato’ sheikh[?
His mother is currently sick..
and supposedly people are hoping this would be his comeback performance..
with a heartfelt song for mothers that is..
Stanly lack in voice control..
and tend to go OFF pitch very bad..

my advice to him..A tenor or not..as a performer you must know how to be a chameleon..not only in styling but also in your voice..If your voice doesn’t fit the lyrics…MAKE YOUR VOICE FIT THE SONG!..

Next was Nadia..
A cute 18 year old girl from Kuala Lumpu
with a big voice..
She’s singing “Kalis Rindu” from Elyana this week..
her husky big voice suits this song.
she tends to OVERACT tho’ XD..
but nevertheless, since the first week until now…she never tend to bored me :
her performance is amazing..and she use the stage VERY WELL!!
and i agree with the judges on her expression 🙂


After Nadia, comes Mama Rina..
She’s by far the oldest contestant[age 41-44 XD
She sung “syurga and Neraka” originally sung by Hetty Koes Sendang [also the judge for the week XD]
I love her performance and overall..
Mama Rina got the voice of..rock-ish style..
and this week song is a bit oldies/traditional/native genre..
so i was smiling the whole performance..
and as for her outfit..
i swear to god, that they took it from Morning Musume-Iroppoi Jirettai XD

Overall, i really love Mama Rina’s performace..although i don’;t understand why she has the lowest % everyweek -__-
might be the age factor..
but if you could see Mama Rina performing..
you gonna slap yourself..
coz she’s singing like she’s 18!

Good Job Mama Rina..

After the commercial,we got Toi.
he’s singing “Beautiful Girl” from who else…other than “Sean Kingston”
This is interesting..
he;s intro got me laugh..
Well English is not his first language..
So his pronounciation is funny..
and the way he sung that song..
is like a 4 year old kid singing for fun X
But there;’s something we all see in Toi that we can assure that he is INDEED a good entertainer..
most of the time..he was reading the lyrics..instead of singing it
and forgotting the lyrics..
shows pretty much in his facial expression “Oh gawd, im screwed by Ogy” XD
I promise to you guys if you watch this week’s performance will get you smile from the first minute till last XD…

he took a challenge..and i can rate his overall as 4 🙂

Work on your english Toi..and keep on showing your money making fangs 🙂 XD

Now onto to, Saida..
or well known, as Siti Nur Halizah’s Older sister..
She’s singing a fierce judge “Kak Ogy” song
” Bila Bunga2 Berguguran”
up until the 5th concert, not even once Saida has caught my attention..
I love her voice..
she have what it takes to be a singer..
but im worried, wether she got what it takes to be a performance or an entertainer..-__-

what i love about Saida, Is she have an almost exact voice as Siti Nur Halizah,..
but she tried really hard not to sound the same as her sister..
and by that she tend to change her tones and eventhough by doing that, her pronounciation/singing flattens and off pitch…
but i respect her very much as she doesn’t want people to see/judge her as Siti Nur Halizah’s sister but as a performer and contestant in AF6 🙂

I know you can do it Kak Saida 🙂

ps: i agree with Kak Ogy’s late father’;s quote “singing is an emotion filled journey” <-or closed enough to that XD

Next is Nubhan..
He have this sexy husky voice..
his singing amazes me..:)
he singing “kembali Senyum” originally from Izwan Pilus
i was a bit shocked to listen he’s singing this song this week.
everything was a mess.
his vocal chords are not in a good shape..
his voice shakes and gets wayyy offfff pitch!!!
But i can see determination in his eyes to pull this perf. -___-*

What happen Nubhan…
Get back to your old self..
you’re not even trying in this concert…
damn it!…you are losing a fan here dude!

Next, is Stacy..
a Sabahan Girl..
a performance that i’ve been waiting..
“Makhluk tuhan paling sexy” originally from Mulan..
is her challenged song this week…

the performance is great.
the voice is amazing..
unfortunately it seems there;s some lacking on it XD..
i dunno what..
But her husky big voice..and a born performance blood is as amazing as her personality and smile..

like kak OGY said…”Go Girl Go!”

Last But Not Least…RIZ..forgot about him XD
He’s gonna sing “time is running out” originally from Muse..
Bear in mind..im not a fan of Muse..
their music is headache to my ears XD
but i will listen to him singing it…
due to this sort of review/comment/critique..

But seriously i feel my vain are in pain and my headache is comin’ out..
now on to Riz’s singing and performing..
the way he sing the song is like he’s bored with it..
i love the facial expression..
but not so much to his voice…
Riz got a deep voice..
or what girls called..sexy voice..
Unfortunately..his deep voice doesn’t really match this song..

and it seems that he’s singing for himself rather than for the audience nor the home viewers…
this closing perf. is one of the most BORING closings from week 1
but i give it a 3.5 rating for the feeling and facial expression 🙂


Now lets see who’s going home tonight XD
ps: i really need to get off from my computer now..my dad is nagging..
he just come back from going dunno where..
and come home nagging..-__-

yup it settles it!…imma gonna die now 🙂

Thanks for tuning in Nekocafe blog..:)

Ping if you want :)..
im happy with that XD

EDIT: The person get to send backhome was SAIDA..its a bit shock..but she was one of the people who are in my “out this week” list..-__-

Good Luck outside Saida 🙂


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