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IM a big animal fans…especially cheetahs..
I was watching Animal Planet [tv teeth] for the past half an hour…
the story was about 2 young male cheetahs names “tunkin” and “Suma”
both of them were orphan at young age..so this program host [dunno what his name]
took care of them..and finally bring them to Wild Africa to live as a wildlife..
he stayed with both the young males everyday for the pass 2 years…
see how they’ve grown and stuffs..

so its kinda the cheetahs was his adopted “sons”
then one day..he made an early documentary and said that last night a couple of lions went to their territories…”Tunkin” made a run..Unfortunately “Suma” never made it out..
He died that night…

the program host…was crying and said it was his fault..If he just let the cheetahs in a mre secure life like in a cage for the rest of their lives..things would never happen..and that would NEVER happen…
he partially blammed himself for the death of his “adopted” son

I couldn’t help but get emotional…
they were apart of his family..
He took care of them when they were first made orphan..
he took them in and made a home for them..
treating their injuries..
feed them when they couldn’t find any food sources..

it was his “sons”…

Sorry…im still a bit emotional from the show -__-*
I don’t think that it his fault.
Its life…
he gave the young cheetahs a hell of a lifetime..
keeping them safe and let them lead their lives..
I think he should be proud that he raised great young cheetahs..
and im sure “Sumba” died happily to have known such a caring and great “father”



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