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Meet Amy….This is my Oneesan’s cat…and currently the oldest cat here…i think she’s prolly be 5 or 6 this year…old old old XD…

She’s cute…but very lazy XD..and also likes to attack and always got attacked by my Chel 🙂

This is Chel, the other mastermind roaming around at Mr.K’s [My dad XD] residence XD..Of course Chel..just like the owner [ME!!] is a rebel XD..She always attacks Amy, I think its a payback time because of all the bullying Amy had done on her XD…She has a fetish on peoples legs..especially my dad legs XD…She just love bitin’ them XD… She likes to sleep and space out. More than anything she is an incredible Short tempered cat i’ve ever met in my life…oh wait…there’s this neighbour cat whose also a short temper..but we’re not gonna talk about that fatso’…i hate that damn cat..no matter how cute and irresistable the neighbour cat is XD..Anyways, back on topic..Chel is turning 2 this year!! wo0t…yea baby XD…

*COUGH* anyways…Chel finally have an affliciate or companion to mess/bully around with XD and that is….

You guys might remember him on the previous posts..as the “damn” cat who never let me have my sleep XD
Suprisingly it still gonna be like that XD..anywho…his name is Jello or what my oneesan call him as “Kawaii”..no matter how i see it.both name are so gay XD..Looks like we’ll be having another gay cat at home XD..Seriously..i think Mr.K’s residence is a Gay cat breeder XD…

Anyways…im glad to see Chel finally have a male companion..eventhough he’s still a baby XD…

This is just amazing to have 3 cats at home and 2 of them are ACTUALLY sleeping in my room causing the stress effect in my life XD…

More pics to your liking XD


Honestly i love this pic because both of them looked darn adorable XD

Jello playing with Chel’s tail

Chel pissed at Jello, and gave him a bite for playing her tail XD

Chel with her stunning eyes XD


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