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Im pretty sure i’ve done Resonant Blue review…
but not Sono Bamen de Bibichaikenaijan yet XD

oh my god! OH MY FRIGGIN GOD!
Linlin’s voice is just great!…
Since the first time the chinese girls were added in Morning Musume,I always thought she might have a great voice!

when the first time i listen to her talking on Haromoni@, I thought, Maybe i need to re-evaluate..but i never did..she just grew on me like fungus XD..I started to like her more than that junjun..
I don’t have anything against JunJun, But im not as a big fan as the rest of you..

OK so LinLin might not look as great as JunJun but her voice is DEFINITELY as great as the personality herself…

let me overlook this…
JunJun seem to try hard to be “apart” of MM and tried VERY damn hard to be all cutesy but still seems a bit to faced faker…

and as for LinLin, She seems to have this “let it go with the flow” vibe around her.She doesn’t really tried hard to be apart of MM because she knows that she is already one of them..but will this be the same as Gomakki?..the feeling of an outsider in a group?..hopefully not..

Im kinda suprised that they let Kamei Eri be one of the Main voice in Sono Bamen de Bibichaikenaijan! song…WELL FINALLY!…Its time that she would be given the spotlight rather than the FAKE KohaB*tch…

anyways..lets get back to the main point..
wotas are choosing their girls based on their faces rather than their qualities …
Proof 1..they choose JunJun and loved her because she’s the most cutest rather than LinLin
Proof 2..LinLin is not as pretty as JunJun

mind i remind you!..
JunJun is 20 and WITH a boyfriend…
while LinLin is still in her teen years and still developing…

no matter what i’ll vote for LinLin more than JunJun
no offence or anything…
I look at JunJun as a young Sayumama,She can’t really sing good..
but hopefully just like sayumama, she might and WILL improve..over the years?…

thats all the review i can do righ now..
its not much…but its a personal opinion..im not trying to start a war..so take a chill pill and watch some MM action 🙂



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This is totally has nothing to do with H!P or anything XD

But WonderingDreams is my own made covergroup…
there’s a link on the blogroll there “_”
I just made my first revamp
and we just debuted our first single Ai No Tane
on our forum, VAA and finally here 🙂

Track 1 :Ai no Tane
Track 2 :Song Medley!
Track 3: Ai no Tane [Acapella]

Release Date: 25th April 2008
Voice Mixed by: Nayami, Vallespi123 & heachan
Song Mixed by: heachan
Singers: Nayami, Antiperfect, ajrich [covered by vallespi123], RefiChan,
heachan, Vallespi123, Kiwi Blush, & Isolde Michi.

Singers in order hearance:
Kiwi Blush
Isolde Michi
ajrich [covered Vallespi123]

Any constructive critique will be loved for future reference 🙂

Additional notes: im sorry if the mixing is off or bad or whatever negative stuffs comes in mind..I tried my best [actually a couple of times XD] and i hope you enjoyed it

PS: i know the cover look “cheap” sorry about that..i have absolutely no talent in coloring [but i colored using their original color code]XD


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