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how many times you hear fans saying “I wanna this PB..but i can’t afford it”..or “The PB is not on sale in my region?”..
Well…Im here to share some of the PBs that you might liked…

PS: Click on the image for the links to download

 [Niigaki Risa-Happy Girl]


 [Yoshizawa Hitomi-Hello!Yossui]

 [Takahashi Ai- Mou Hitotsu No Ai]

 [Sayumi Michishige- Sou Sou]



MOre to come..please enjoy this first 🙂





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This is some great big shit we have..
sorry for using such language..
but i think i just died and gone to heaven…XD

I was woken up by a call from Miss [forgot her name XD],saying that i was choosen to be interviewed by the college department governments because i am good..what the hell man…i choked even talking to people..[haha..that is SO NOT true XD]
when i opened my computer, to many messages wanting me to be in their groupdub [which i declined all due to hectic life XD..now]

well not that shocking actually XD
Like the April Fool Jokes Jinryuichi pulled on us readers XD
makes me think..with a talent and beauty like Maki, I don’t think H!P will be her last label XD..
and seriously I had put my 2 coins in the lot to guess she’s in with Avex…

When i first saw her FIRST avex picture..
sorry to say..I love both this girls…but i just had to say this


Goto Maki will be working under RythmZone label which also works with EXILE and Koda Kumi etc..

Now our questions are answered on why she’s in LA with krumping and voice training..
Good Luck to Gomaki…eh…i don’t think we should call her on H!P fan name..

WE must have new Fan Name for HER!!

GoKKI! yahhh….[Thats so lame XD]

anyways this is her new look as of today AS an AVEX artist..




Her new profile and information can be found at her own website:  http://rhythmzone.net/maki/index.html

the last thing im gonna say abt Gokki new ‘transformation’ is..

…she left H!P because they way UFA and Tsunku gets her to do and act up sexy is not her thing…i think…she forgot in Avex…SEX SELLS! XD……


anyways…Now onto a different story…Tsuji Nozomi..or what i always called her nonochi…
finally made an appearance on yuko’s birthday concert bringing a cake..

this is a mic rip from the concert 🙂

and finally a “birthday” singing from nonochi..to tell you the truth i was almost in tears listening to this..
Finally nonochi voice after maternity leave..

im hoping that this would be a sign of her coming back…




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This time im upping Morning Musume karaoke discs 🙂
Everything is owned by H!P themselves….
I don’t have much to say, coz im tired and its 11:27PM ,its the end of a long tiring day..
and tomorrow’s a new day also, my brother’s 32nd birthday, its actually on monday…but we celebrate early..he got to work on monday >_<‘

Have fun singing MM-old songs XD



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3.Takaramono [Another Version]
4.Takaramono [Instrumental]

I literally FELL in love after listening to Takaramono for the first time on early 2007..
It reminds me of my late mother.Its a slow lovely aura song.
In my own translation for this song is that no matter what happen in the future, the memories of you and me will always stay close at heart.
I cried listening to this song..even to this day..
Its the kind of song that you should listen to have that pieces of memories that are not well known but is important.

As for Aozora, This song really makes you think about your family when you are 4-5++..
the melody is the same with Takaramono..Not much to say about Aozora.But it will surely make you reminisce about old times with a smile or tear of happiness.

Takaramono [another side] makes me smile more rather than the original version, with the birds chirping on the background..it surely warms your heart..

I highly recommend this single to all of you.Even if you are not a ballad-ish fan.Try and listen to this single.It will surely not gonna let you down!


Download here:http://www.mediafire.com/?mwjadhegj1n

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Im pretty sure i’ve done Resonant Blue review…
but not Sono Bamen de Bibichaikenaijan yet XD

oh my god! OH MY FRIGGIN GOD!
Linlin’s voice is just great!…
Since the first time the chinese girls were added in Morning Musume,I always thought she might have a great voice!

when the first time i listen to her talking on Haromoni@, I thought, Maybe i need to re-evaluate..but i never did..she just grew on me like fungus XD..I started to like her more than that junjun..
I don’t have anything against JunJun, But im not as a big fan as the rest of you..

OK so LinLin might not look as great as JunJun but her voice is DEFINITELY as great as the personality herself…

let me overlook this…
JunJun seem to try hard to be “apart” of MM and tried VERY damn hard to be all cutesy but still seems a bit to faced faker…

and as for LinLin, She seems to have this “let it go with the flow” vibe around her.She doesn’t really tried hard to be apart of MM because she knows that she is already one of them..but will this be the same as Gomakki?..the feeling of an outsider in a group?..hopefully not..

Im kinda suprised that they let Kamei Eri be one of the Main voice in Sono Bamen de Bibichaikenaijan! song…WELL FINALLY!…Its time that she would be given the spotlight rather than the FAKE KohaB*tch…

anyways..lets get back to the main point..
wotas are choosing their girls based on their faces rather than their qualities …
Proof 1..they choose JunJun and loved her because she’s the most cutest rather than LinLin
Proof 2..LinLin is not as pretty as JunJun

mind i remind you!..
JunJun is 20 and WITH a boyfriend…
while LinLin is still in her teen years and still developing…

no matter what i’ll vote for LinLin more than JunJun
no offence or anything…
I look at JunJun as a young Sayumama,She can’t really sing good..
but hopefully just like sayumama, she might and WILL improve..over the years?…

thats all the review i can do righ now..
its not much…but its a personal opinion..im not trying to start a war..so take a chill pill and watch some MM action 🙂


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Looks like MoMuSu 36th single is LEAKED!!

I just got the single V from a friend this morning [whose name will not be mentioned XD
Just like any other non profit MoMuSu fan..of course im delighted having the single in my..email…to download..XD

i thought to share it to those who can’t really afford to buy any JPOP single yet [just like me XD]

So please credit or comment if you take…
and if anyone have some problem with me upping it before the actual release,…well JUST ZIP it ok
Silent is way better than talking if ya hatin’ 0__0

anyways!…Other than that…enjoy the single 🙂

Morning Musume- Resonant Blue Single


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the title caught your eyes eh?

ya born perverts XD..

anyways, i just downloaded this song..

its Jpop..im not sure whats the band/artists names..

but the song is really funny…

the lyrics [originally] is what a china or whaddup china…

but to our poorly untrained ears sounded…VAGINA! XD..

the first time i played it…i gotta stop it at the first minute and played it back..and again..

until i heard the word “china”

Here’s the song:

i think the title is kanfuu_fighting..



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