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I was reading through Taiyou’s blog and i found this!!

Taiyou called it “家族三人の似顔絵や~!!
“and three family potrait”

Aren’t it just cute….in a weird way?
Sugiura and Nozomi in their wedding outfit and baby Noa..just being cute! XD

he also added that the potrait is uplifting…
He seems to enjoy this potrait very much

sorry its just a very very harsh translation XD..
i really need to learn my Japanese language XD



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I just found out today from my dad that he has a some sort
Pankreas  cancer/tumor….
It breaks my heart the moment i heard he said the word “some sort of cancer like”…
Its been months since he started being sick..
and all the doctors he went to said he was just having a light sick {damn all the doctors!}

And i basically just stop crying now since he told us at noon…
and feeling a bit sleepy..

I made a promise to myself about 5 years ago after my mum passed away…that if something fatal happens to my dad and [please god don’t make this true>] and he follow my mum…i will find a way to be with them…yes, you know what i mean…KILL MYSELF…

I know when my mum passed away..up until today, i still cannot take the fact that she’s not here…and i know im just gonna go crazy and NOT be myself anymore if something happen to my dad…so rather than giving my sister [the only one who is sane enough to find a job in my siblings].[.the eldest son is a pain in the ass…and thinks he’s a millionair and sleep all day..so f… him…i don’t care anymore…] a big headache and problem [which is me -__-].. i rather die and let her live in peace…
So please god…
Don’t take the only parent i have right now…
I don’t want relatives take care of us siblings…
Truthfully..i love them…but i don’t trust them with life [i don’t trust people easily…]

Let my dad live long..
let him ACTUALLY see his grandchildren..
my/big sister childrens [I don’t actually have any children..but genericly speaking if i get married by 25-26..im 18 now..] ..Let him live  LONG enough to  be a great granddad.. and see how he raised GREAT wonderful daughters and be proud of us…!!



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