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Today something unfortunate happen..i accidentally cut my thumb..the funny part is…its not caused by knife or anything..other than a coffee lid XD..

my dad saw it and he asked for the coffee to be transfered to a much safer contenna[sp?] and MUCH safer lid…XD..

well..today i cook something different XD..well main course uniqueness…my specialties…TOM YAM XD XD XD
well its not really my specialty…its just something i CAN do XD

for tom yam…u need

[350 ml water]

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Chopped chicken
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

sliced tomato..sliced lemon grass…and sliced onion

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

ADD finely chopped parsley

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

add in Lime Grass

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Add a pinch of salt [optional]

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Add Tom Yam Paste

* for additional spicy taste..you can add chopped chili for that spicy goodness taste

Along the way….I…

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

cut my thumb..accidentally XD

But i managed to finish it…

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

YumYum…its tastier…:)

along the way..i manage to cook…

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

so why don’t you have a go and try it….:)

im sure it taste great!



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Today I cook again…
tomorrow i soon be a good wife hahahahah…i’ve always wanted to say that…

well..everyone said to get to a man’s heart is through his stomach….so im getting..better…*cough* at cooking so im guessing…anyone who i’ll be wed one day will be very much happy with fully loaded stomach XD…nah i don’t believe much on that crap..for me..to get to a man’s heart is …*takes deep breath*…

wear something sexy..
Do anything he wants
Sleep with him..
‘Service’ him more
be his servant like maid..etc..wash his clothes…
Let him grope or touch you anytime


trust me..you guys prolly won’t believe me…but this is awfully the truth..well might not be for all the guys out there…

I know there’s a lot of decent guys out there..

But then again…more guys with ‘that’ kind of likings is even up the charts XD…

Never had a boyfriend like that..but sure as hell i’ve seen/met and almost be with [and thank god i didn’t XD]

Like i said, there’s a lot of decent guys out there…but most of them are married…or prolly..gay..trust me on this..i got this OK-looking guy friend [we always hangs out]..very nice..very  matured at times..loves to help people..in short a human angel XD…and he’s GAY!..DAMMIT! XD..

and he’s partner is HAWT!!!!
Its a good thing i have this policy not to date  anyone who have dated my friend XD [Why in the hell world i ever did this policy]

PS: if i ever do a policy i am more likely to stick with it…XD
That  no dating friends ex’s has been in my policy book for 8 years now…so long so long..that’s why im single..DARN!

Aren’t this out of topic already? XD

LOL..onto the MAIN topic.

For dinner i cooked…

Chicken soy

Fried Chicken..[No its not burned…just the lighting went wrong XD]

Sausage Vege Soup  [i seriously need my dad to buy some other meat XD]

Grilled Fish [I didn’t cooked this, my dad bought it XD]

This is my ol’ time favourite canned food…its..urm…well i don’t know the english name…but in Malay language its called “Tauchu” XD

The oil that i used to cook this is a soft LOW fat oil

“NATUREL blend”..Ignore the background XD..messy messy XD

Even the recipes name is all common names…the ingredients are all by me…i altered it to make it my own recipes…so you can say all is originally by me XD


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I cook this?

Well obviously i suck at food presentation…XD

its a soup i made i don’t really have a name for it..maybe suck soup XD..but it taste quite good XS…

well obviously this looks like pieces of S**T XD…
its actually 3 spicy egg..it looked burn to me ..well thats just the color..i can assure you the taste is not bad 🙂

And this..well this is the most easiest meal..CAN FOOD!
My dad just love his canned sardines XD
Well that was cooked yesterday….

I cooked my heart out XD…

i was trying to make a dashimaki tamago..or omelette roll..
Unfortunately the folding fails me alas XD..
anyways..i still can fold it unfortunately not accurately like dashimaki tamago…XD

I was making pancake…blue berry pancake…of course it came from a box and i only need to mix it XD..its not that pretty but its kinda good after i add in sugar [which was not content in the ingredient adding XD] to make it tastier XD..i just add butter and more sugar for the toping XD ….yummy!

Last but not least i made a chicken soup..my oneesan told me to make something soupy coz of my dad’s current health [which is not good -__-]

at the same time…

i eat cake…keeki tabemashita desu..Keeki suki na suki…
hahah XD…

dirty fingers XD

Overall…i had fun XD…


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