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2008 is THE year for fellow H!P for making a comeback…First Kago Ai with her new acting skills, then Goto Maki [hopefully she dances not just to waste time..XD],then Ayaka..soon to debut following her dream in acting and now Iida Kaori!



It has been reported that Iida Kaori will participate in Cool Earth Ambassador 2008 on July 7th.
CEA is a campaign to reduce the earth’s CO² emissions . she will be appearing alongside current MM line up and Natsumi Abe. I seriously never thought she would make her comeback as early OR before nonochi..But its great to see Kaorin on the public eye and get ‘connected’ again with her fans…

more info can be found here:
http://www.kantei.go.jp/jp/coolearthamb/ or


glad to see you’re back again kaori…
Hope she release a new single 🙂



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