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Pepper keibu

pepper keibu

pepper keibu

Yes people…The top pictures are the COVERS for what seems to be Morning Musume’s 37th Single covers…
Its a bit…uh futuristic..a mixture of Morning Musume ~Complete singles~ and Resonant Blue mashed together dont you think?…

Firstly..hey ya’ll im back XD
been busy writing on my OWN personal blog rather than ranting abt idols XD…

Im not THAT looking forward for this single..But at the same time..im itching to listen how it turns out…
Pepper Keibu is the most infamous single by PINK LADY themselves…

I think we could sigh in relief now or slap your head and say “I KNEW IT”…why?..Well..firstly..uh…Gaki and Ai was doing a remake drama of Pink Lady..DUUUHHHH…

It was said..they will do a more danceable version of the song…

so let see ..Pink Lady’s ORIGINAL version is not danceable for us?…As if!
I’ve listen to Mizrock’s version of PINK LADY’s Pepper Keibu…
and im not convince that anyone can do better than Pink Lady….

well…we’ll just have to wait and see then…
Im sure Tsunku have a way to destroy…errr…..make the song more…”danceable”…ppfffttt….

Judging from the covers…
Reina was placed in the middle in the three covers…

Do this mean…she’ll have the lead again?..
*reminiscing Ambitious single*

Not to be mean..
But aren’t Ai’s and ReiChan’s voices are OVER..OVERLY…OVERLY!!! USED in every singles already?…

Come on Tsunku…I know their more famous and want to upsale too…
But don’t you think you’re overdoing it?….
Give some chance to the other members..
When i say other members..I DON’T MEAN THAT KOHATRAMP again!!!
I practically almost lost my left ear hearing now…[seriously..i need to get it checked!]

But the main question remains…

will Ame no furanai something…be the 2nd track?

what you guys think?…



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There’s a lot of H!P bloggers out there have out done themselves especially the guys at Hello!Island by recreating some bubble talks from some H!P pictures..especially from Morning Musume.
Some of them are down right pervs and some are funny..either way…what a better way to make your idol..seems…normal?..

Im gonna give a go on this…
It might be good ..it might be NOT..
Either way..sit back..hold the mouse, scroll down,relax and enjoy 🙂

LinLin: the b**ch stole my pose [->Koharu]
Koharu: Oh yeah..im sexy now…come get some wota babies
Gaki: Dude! you’re awesome!!
Eri: Everybody PUMP your body like this…yeah baby!

Sayumi: What the f*ck is Gakisan and Ai chan is doing??

Koharu: ITS STRIP TIME!!!!

Reina: *giggles and laughs*..[im gonna F**KING kill you after we stop airing..] *giggle and stare*

Maimi: *smile* im dressing up like daddy now..WHO’S DADDY’S LITTLE GIRL NOW?

Gaki: Oh yes..rub it more!!! KYAAAA…

Goal Keeper: GOD not another crotch on my face…

JunJun: Im Chinese..Asian…Joined the famous girl group Morning Musume..Im a sly..sexy…and LEGAL!
           [What more can you asked for an Asian?]


Ai: Put a sock in it over there..IM trying to make a speech here???

LOL…i can;t think of anything other than this now..maybe i’ll try again soon..

hope ya’ll like it 😀

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The title is so…..BLAH!

But i have some MoMuSu new haromoni@ look..and its the PUNK week…
everyone looked…well cute rather than PUNKY!
This is how i viewed them LOL:

LinLin:She could pull out the punk
Reina:Change the pink skirt and we’ll get punk …right now i see is sweet cute ReiChan
Sayumi:She needs Kanashimi Twilight outfit for me to even think of Punk Sayumama…
Ai: WOah….outfit is good…pose is good…nothing to say more
Gaki: The punk outfit is good…but i don’t think it fits her
Eri: Same comment with Gakisan
Koha: Nothing to say here…I basically doesnt like her…so pretty much i don’t think any outfit looked good on her except as Kirarin -__-
Aika: She can pull off the PUNKness in her XD


and the rest is their pictures upclose XD






This is their outfit in South Korea..i think Yellow make them look very sweet and innocent…







thats all XD





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Im pretty sure i’ve done Resonant Blue review…
but not Sono Bamen de Bibichaikenaijan yet XD

oh my god! OH MY FRIGGIN GOD!
Linlin’s voice is just great!…
Since the first time the chinese girls were added in Morning Musume,I always thought she might have a great voice!

when the first time i listen to her talking on Haromoni@, I thought, Maybe i need to re-evaluate..but i never did..she just grew on me like fungus XD..I started to like her more than that junjun..
I don’t have anything against JunJun, But im not as a big fan as the rest of you..

OK so LinLin might not look as great as JunJun but her voice is DEFINITELY as great as the personality herself…

let me overlook this…
JunJun seem to try hard to be “apart” of MM and tried VERY damn hard to be all cutesy but still seems a bit to faced faker…

and as for LinLin, She seems to have this “let it go with the flow” vibe around her.She doesn’t really tried hard to be apart of MM because she knows that she is already one of them..but will this be the same as Gomakki?..the feeling of an outsider in a group?..hopefully not..

Im kinda suprised that they let Kamei Eri be one of the Main voice in Sono Bamen de Bibichaikenaijan! song…WELL FINALLY!…Its time that she would be given the spotlight rather than the FAKE KohaB*tch…

anyways..lets get back to the main point..
wotas are choosing their girls based on their faces rather than their qualities …
Proof 1..they choose JunJun and loved her because she’s the most cutest rather than LinLin
Proof 2..LinLin is not as pretty as JunJun

mind i remind you!..
JunJun is 20 and WITH a boyfriend…
while LinLin is still in her teen years and still developing…

no matter what i’ll vote for LinLin more than JunJun
no offence or anything…
I look at JunJun as a young Sayumama,She can’t really sing good..
but hopefully just like sayumama, she might and WILL improve..over the years?…

thats all the review i can do righ now..
its not much…but its a personal opinion..im not trying to start a war..so take a chill pill and watch some MM action 🙂


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check out this military parody version of Morning Musume Renai Revolution..
they even SING it!


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I made some gifs as a gift get it?..get it?..
gifs as a gifts XD
i made this to my readers…[if i have one XD]..
and its not as good as the professional ones..
so yeah..be nice XD..
if you take..do tell..a simple thank you doesn’t hurt much and also..
creditted to nekocafe’
This is my first gif work..so be nice -__-

and i know it sucks…
give a break will yah…
im a newbie..just started today X

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

more to come..

and the last part is just to hard for me NOT to upload XD

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i took the quiz just now..taken from hellogirl.wordpres
and to NOT my suprise..i got..
You scored as a Tanaka Reina

You are most like Tanaka Reina! She joined Momusu in the 6th generation. She has a reputation for being the “rebel” of the group, due to her yankee fashion style and somewhat sassy personality.

Tanaka Reina
Mitsui Aika
Kusumi Koharu
Yoshizawa Hitomi
Kamei Eri
Michishige Sayumi.
Niigaki Risa
Fujimoto Miki
Takahashi Ai

well i can safely said that im always a bit like Reina with the attitude and personality stuff XD

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