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I made some gifs as a gift get it?..get it?..
gifs as a gifts XD
i made this to my readers…[if i have one XD]..
and its not as good as the professional ones..
so yeah..be nice XD..
if you take..do tell..a simple thank you doesn’t hurt much and also..
creditted to nekocafe’
This is my first gif work..so be nice -__-

and i know it sucks…
give a break will yah…
im a newbie..just started today X

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

more to come..

and the last part is just to hard for me NOT to upload XD


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Haha…i really need to get a more ‘decent’ title…XD

Well its monday again *sigh*….ya’ll back to work and back to school..but not for me XD…college holiday is loved..yet starting to kill me with boredom XD


I am terribly very sleepy…
slept at 5.10 AM and woke up at 10.55 AM XD…
I tell ya..the damn cat wouldn’t lemme sleep in peace..

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us <–the damn catXD

the original name was Kawaii [named by my sister XD]..its a male..to the noobs out there who doesn’t know what Kawaii is…mean…CUTE XD..

Indeed its cute…YET very irritating..i still couldn’t believe that i almost cried for not getting enough sleep because of him…YES its a male…Anyways..lets move on XD…

eventhough the name’s Kawaii..i still call him ‘Jello’… GAYNESS light brings my PURE yaoi thoughts to named him ‘Jello’ XD..

Don’t be fooled by the cuteness…it IS very …[couldn’t get self to say anything worse XD]

Well monday has been..truly boring to me…i planned to bake cake unfortunately..the boredom called his closest friend “mr LAZY@$$” and asked him to come over and stay for the night XD..so i’ll be lazying around my bum…hungrily

I finally finished downloading Koda Kumi Affections album…
with this…i finally have 4 albums of hers….

– Affection
-Best~second session~
-Black Cherry
and another 4 albums searching to go..to complete my Koda Kumi Shrine XD…
yes…im a big fan of kuu-mama…
Have been a big fan since mid/finals 2002…
i really love her personality..if i ever met her..i think i would passed out..that doesn’t include if i could have her autograf or a pic taken with her..i surely die XD..

As for Ayumi Hamasaki [poor girl left ear gone deaf -__-]
I just caught 3 of her album…im currently looking out for ‘guilty’….i heard its good XD

-(Miss) understood <–a present from my sis…But damn it! i dunno where it went XD..sorry sis…im sure its in my room ..somewhere XD
-My story

and some other H!P related singles XD
I can finally…proudly say that i am a collector XD…well..online collecter XD


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