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On 8th June..Sunday to be precise,was the opening for one of the “large-est” mall in Sabah called at “1 Borneo”.Im not sure if anyone knows the “Big Apple Donut”.

know that label?
My sister..her boyfriend..his daughter and me was in line waiting to buy their “famous-so-called tasty” [and it IS!] doughnut..when i turn softly on my east-south side when i saw “TSUNKU”.
Ok that might not be him..but that guy seriously looked exactly like him.
The Hair..The mold of his face [LOL..i lost word here XD]..the mayuge raise..the smile..the body [structure i meant!]..and the height…

I WAS gonna steal a picture of him from my cellphone..
UNFORTUNATELY..i’ve been staring him for the past 5 minutes..so he was giving me “THE LOOK” …so i couldn’t -__-

but i really wanna XD
he looks just like this:

Everything is the same..Xcept for the suit..
he was wearing blue working shirt..

I could’ve swear it was him..LOL

Just a little update of my curiosity….

–If it was really him..i would just show my singing talent [BAH! like i have one XD infront of him and said “Watashiwa Kyu-kin MoMuSu Memba”

The reason why i said this because on the opening day of the mall..some of Asian finest actors and actresses was called for the ceremony…so i was hoping when i saw Tsunku Lookalike i would see “MOMUSU”..GAKI!!!…REINA!!!..ERI!!!..LINLIN!!! KYAAAA~~~~~~ XD



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Im pretty much sure that i might get a lot of negative comments here..when i post this up..
But what the hell…atleast its the truth..

listen up people..
There’s a new TV Show at Astro called “Bolos”…
Of course to all gaijin’s who don’t know what ‘bolos’ is a malay word for “you get away without being caught” [i think]. WAIT, I know there’s a spanish word for “bolo”, Thats not it people!!!

Ok..the main thing i wanna post…
is abt the TV show…Man, Can’t Malaysia have a TV show that is ORIGINAL from them???…
or atleast…Even if they want to copy from other countries tv program…ATLEAST MAKE IT AS THEIR DAMN OWN SHOW??

Man…I usually don’t get mad at it..instead laugh of off it..because..people get paid good money from a copycat show..LOL…
But this is different…The tv show they ‘stole’ is actually one of my favourite “program” from Japan…and its called “human Tetris”


and they actually COPY 100% from the Japan Show…
so I have a question.
Malaysia press the word “ORIGINALITY”
Everything you buy or see is “ORIGINAL” Malaysia made…

Now, A LOT..A LOT of TV programme from Malaysia is a “pickup” from other countries…
Im not saying the other side of the world ain’t doing it..
they do..but its different..the game is the same..but the rules aren’t..
AND ITS ORIGINAL..from them..

Now Malaysian,
Why don’t you guys put your friggin heads together..and think of something good…
don’t only copy and paste..
Kalau Mau Copy And Paste Pun…Jan La 100%..
Bezakanla dr yg ORIGINAL..dan jadika ia original KITA PUNYA STAIL LA!!!!!!

Its useless if you just copy and paste..
Kc Banyak Program di Astro pun kalo smua copy&Paste sja…bek tidak payah ada program pun..HISH!!.
mcm mana nak maju kalau sampai program games pun copy others??….

Im finished…
I don’t care..because this is the truth..

wake up and see the truth ..
Don’t be blinded by it…

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Everyone’s performance is great..

Stacy: both perf. are AMAZING!!
Nadia: The first one is MIND BLOWING..but not the second perf.
Riz: Both are great
Nubhan: The first one is ok..the second one is SOULFULL
Toi: he’s good..but need something more..like UMMPHHH..



The 5th place winner is: Nadia [I honestly think she would be in top 3..I guess people’s vote matters more than a voice -__- ..but everyone can see it…from her previous votings…]

The 4th place winner is: Toi [I expect him to be in the 5th place…I don’t think his voice is great..but well either 4 or 5 is ok XD]

The 3rd place winner is: Nubhan [he got the voice…but need more XD]

The 2nd place winner is: Riz [He deserves it!!…]

The  WINNER  is none other than: STACY!!!!! [We all actually know that Stacy might be a winner but you know a lot of people won’t want a Sabahan talent to win…but im kinda happy that A.F6 choose a REAL TALENT! instead of just face :)]


NAMA PENUH : Stracie Angie Anam
NAMA AF6 : Stacy
NAMA TIMANGAN : Putet (atau teeeeeeet )
UMUR : 18 Tahun
TARIKH LAHIR : 18 Ogos 1990
ASAL : Kg Tuavon, Penampang, SABAH
BANGSA : Kadazan
STATUS : Bujang
TINGGI : 155 cm
BERAT : 51kg
HOBI : Menari, menyanyi*
IDOLA : Christina Aguilera, Felix AF3*CONGRATS TO HER 🙂



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Nah, Its not MAzaa[Mother] F**king yoU! LOL..
its Malaysian Artistes For Unity..
Finally they did a whole song with the Malaysian Artists..
The title is Here In My Home..

The artistes participating here is:
Afdlin Shauki
Ning Baizura
Jaclyn Victor
Pete Teo
Jason Lo
KLG Sqwad
Daniel Lee
Nikki Palikat
Melina William
Tony Fernandes
Maya Karin
Marith Iskander
Stephen Chua
Shebby Singh
Nell Ng*
Mak Wai Hoo
Badri Ibrahim
Chan Fong
Mark Teh
Kamal Sabran
Sharifah Amani
Ng Choo Seong
Pang Khee Teik*
Jerome Kugan
January Low
Amber Chia
Nick Lee
Liang You Cheng
Muid Latif*
Cheong Ji Ann
Ida Nerina
Muhamad Safwan
Anissa Abd Aziz
Fadly Sabran
Danny One
Nurhanim Khairudin
Joe Loy
Ho YuHang
Yasmin Ahmad

*Phew* holy S**T..thats a long list XD..
anyways names who are marked with * is for the unsured name spelling XD

actually the song is not bad ..for a KELUARAN MALAYSIAN [Malaysian Edition..]
to tell you the truth i don’t really much support Malaysian music LOL..
although they always said “SUPPORT THE LOCAL MUSIC”

please put down the torches and fork people..
the reason why i don’t really support is..DO YOU REALLY LISTEN CAREFULLY TO MALAYSIAN MUSIC?..
I know they want to keep the “TRADITIONAL” vibe in local music..but does the video music need to suck too?..

Most of their lyrics are based on lost love or just pure about friggin love of man or woman rather than for all community..
DUDE, Listen MALAYSIAN ARTIST! take risk, make music more like the new one i’ve listen to, the “Here in My Home” song..This is what the kind of music kids todays are listening..NOT “Aku cinta kepadamu” NOR “percayalah”…

you want people to support..then put some effort in making the music for us to support..
if you want to compete with the underground music singers [WHICH IS WAY BETTER THAN THE MALAYSIAN SINGERS itself], be prepared with a good elements and stuffs..-___-

Anyways…back to main topic..LOL..
This is actually the first time i’ve listen to a MALAYSIAN music…AGAIN..[not really first time lor..I’ve listen to it frequently but from the Indonesian singers..so i don’t think its proper to call them Malaysian music where its clearly NOT!]
and I like what im listening..
I really love Atilias voice here and also Afdlin Shauki’s voice…
I know Awie and Ning Baizurah’s is already a singer..
and Atilias music have not been heard much from the music industry..but i do recommend on take a listen to her voice tho’…its soothing…
thats the kind of strong voice Malaysian need, rather than just pick people and make them famous based on their faces..duh!

I love how the four language rap was placed in the song
Malay,Chinese, Indian and English..
this song really brings out the best in people..
I don’t really want to point on the lyrics tho’…
some parts of them just seem..pointless..and suck…XD
so yeah…
to those GAIJINS [XD] have a go and listen..

[who says Asian’s can’t speak crear engrish?? HAHAHA]

Its best if you guys check their site out at :

all downloads is their too XD

this is actually one of Malaysian artistes first anti-racism song evar..and its kool!

[me says: for what you guys being a racist for ah??…We live under the same earth, breath the same air and see the same sky…quit being a racist and learn to love even if you’re different color or race or religion as the next person..got it??]

[everyone: YES MA’AM!]


PS: this song is so kool that i might try and sing it ma self XD…
just wait XD


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