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There’s a lot of H!P bloggers out there have out done themselves especially the guys at Hello!Island by recreating some bubble talks from some H!P pictures..especially from Morning Musume.
Some of them are down right pervs and some are funny..either way…what a better way to make your idol..seems…normal?..

Im gonna give a go on this…
It might be good ..it might be NOT..
Either way..sit back..hold the mouse, scroll down,relax and enjoy 🙂

LinLin: the b**ch stole my pose [->Koharu]
Koharu: Oh yeah..im sexy now…come get some wota babies
Gaki: Dude! you’re awesome!!
Eri: Everybody PUMP your body like this…yeah baby!

Sayumi: What the f*ck is Gakisan and Ai chan is doing??

Koharu: ITS STRIP TIME!!!!

Reina: *giggles and laughs*..[im gonna F**KING kill you after we stop airing..] *giggle and stare*

Maimi: *smile* im dressing up like daddy now..WHO’S DADDY’S LITTLE GIRL NOW?

Gaki: Oh yes..rub it more!!! KYAAAA…

Goal Keeper: GOD not another crotch on my face…

JunJun: Im Chinese..Asian…Joined the famous girl group Morning Musume..Im a sly..sexy…and LEGAL!
           [What more can you asked for an Asian?]


Ai: Put a sock in it over there..IM trying to make a speech here???

LOL…i can;t think of anything other than this now..maybe i’ll try again soon..

hope ya’ll like it 😀


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i got my hand on Hello Project Digital Photo Album 🙂
Because the Cd i bought yesterday for photoshop installing..stuff ..didn’t work XD..
So we went to the shop again..
and he said we can trade it for the same Adobe photoshop..and we keep on searching for the same CD for almost an hour where i finally lost it and said to my brother “lets just take other CD” XD

and so i exchange the broken CD to ……

yes..this CD contains..

Digital photos of

[PArt 1]

Aya matsuura- 4 volume
Ai Takahashi- 4 volume
Maki Goto- 4 volume
Mari Yaguchi- 4 volume

[Part 2]

Asami Konno – 4 volume

[Part 3]

Fujimoto Miki-4 volume

[Part 4 ]

Niigaki risa- 1 volume

[Part 5 ]

Reina Tanaka- 1 volume

[Part 6]

Ishikawa Rika- 1volume



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