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Happy Father’s Day to ALL the father’s in the world…
Especially to the handsome man on the mug [which was a present] to my DAD!

The pictures is taken by yours truly♥ XD

and also..

I want to take a little time to say HAPPY PAPA DAY to



Taiyou Sugiura-san

Both “new” daddies in the world of HP XD
…..so to all “daddies” bloggers out there…to fellow daddies…and my dad..




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i just found this picture while browsing the internet yesterday..and it seems like a recent picture and seems like there’s no “baby bump” on the pic..

so i’ll assume it as a 2008 picture XD.
It seems they have a couple of luggage and no baby Noa..
Does this mean..
its time for the couple “private” time?.
honeymoon perhaps?…

i’ve read in one of his post blog..probabyly in late March or early April that he said that he might getaway with nono for a while..JUST THE TWO OF THEM..
because when they get married, they have already are expecting a baby on the way.
and he felt a bit unfair for Nono not to have a husband-wife “private” time..

[although days after he post it, he deleted the post..]

what a bummer…

but then again..
are they planning on getting Baby Noa a sister/brother?
or when Nono going to make a comeback..
where will the honeymoon take place?

we just have to wait and see…
to all nono fan JUST LIKE ME..
i know,,its killing you guys not to know the ups and downs of our beloved idol…
lets just pray she make a comeback..FAST!


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I was reading through Taiyou’s blog and i found this!!

Taiyou called it “家族三人の似顔絵や~!!
“and three family potrait”

Aren’t it just cute….in a weird way?
Sugiura and Nozomi in their wedding outfit and baby Noa..just being cute! XD

he also added that the potrait is uplifting…
He seems to enjoy this potrait very much

sorry its just a very very harsh translation XD..
i really need to learn my Japanese language XD


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