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This is some great big shit we have..
sorry for using such language..
but i think i just died and gone to heaven…XD

I was woken up by a call from Miss [forgot her name XD],saying that i was choosen to be interviewed by the college department governments because i am good..what the hell man…i choked even talking to people..[haha..that is SO NOT true XD]
when i opened my computer, to many messages wanting me to be in their groupdub [which i declined all due to hectic life XD..now]

well not that shocking actually XD
Like the April Fool Jokes Jinryuichi pulled on us readers XD
makes me think..with a talent and beauty like Maki, I don’t think H!P will be her last label XD..
and seriously I had put my 2 coins in the lot to guess she’s in with Avex…

When i first saw her FIRST avex picture..
sorry to say..I love both this girls…but i just had to say this


Goto Maki will be working under RythmZone label which also works with EXILE and Koda Kumi etc..

Now our questions are answered on why she’s in LA with krumping and voice training..
Good Luck to Gomaki…eh…i don’t think we should call her on H!P fan name..

WE must have new Fan Name for HER!!

GoKKI! yahhh….[Thats so lame XD]

anyways this is her new look as of today AS an AVEX artist..




Her new profile and information can be found at her own website:  http://rhythmzone.net/maki/index.html

the last thing im gonna say abt Gokki new ‘transformation’ is..

…she left H!P because they way UFA and Tsunku gets her to do and act up sexy is not her thing…i think…she forgot in Avex…SEX SELLS! XD……


anyways…Now onto a different story…Tsuji Nozomi..or what i always called her nonochi…
finally made an appearance on yuko’s birthday concert bringing a cake..

this is a mic rip from the concert 🙂

and finally a “birthday” singing from nonochi..to tell you the truth i was almost in tears listening to this..
Finally nonochi voice after maternity leave..

im hoping that this would be a sign of her coming back…





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More Gifs for your pleasure

remember to credit: nekocafe’

its not hard to write me name arrr…XD

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket <-This is not my work..its from some guy i think from hello!island :)[the young tsuji scratching]

enjoy 🙂


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Nono most recent picture with baby noa-wa to proof was in the papers..
Looks like, similar to her Two top TWIN, she TOO had a haircut!

although the picture is a bit blurr..but i am positive enough to see a clear image of NONO..
she looked so “adult-like” now..
her outfit has TOTALLY change its phrase, from cute,sexy..short “skimpy” outfits to a more mature-lady like outfit..

and you can somesort ‘feel’ the motherly vibe…just by looking at the pic 🙂

the main question is..
when will her comeback gonna come/happen?
She IS still officially on “hiatus” or Maternity leave state..

and also..
will we still gonna see the ol’ nono we knew?
The ‘wild’,playful,crazy,hyper,witty,screamy and sexy Nono?

im bearing the pain of the fact that she might gonna return being a somesort newage enka singer..like Iida..
oh please god..hear this young girl prayers..don’t let my nono be a newage enka…

picture credit to: H-O


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i just found this picture while browsing the internet yesterday..and it seems like a recent picture and seems like there’s no “baby bump” on the pic..

so i’ll assume it as a 2008 picture XD.
It seems they have a couple of luggage and no baby Noa..
Does this mean..
its time for the couple “private” time?.
honeymoon perhaps?…

i’ve read in one of his post blog..probabyly in late March or early April that he said that he might getaway with nono for a while..JUST THE TWO OF THEM..
because when they get married, they have already are expecting a baby on the way.
and he felt a bit unfair for Nono not to have a husband-wife “private” time..

[although days after he post it, he deleted the post..]

what a bummer…

but then again..
are they planning on getting Baby Noa a sister/brother?
or when Nono going to make a comeback..
where will the honeymoon take place?

we just have to wait and see…
to all nono fan JUST LIKE ME..
i know,,its killing you guys not to know the ups and downs of our beloved idol…
lets just pray she make a comeback..FAST!


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we all know Hello!Project is the umbrella name for all-female japanese artist…
but is it also a dyke on progress?

I know you gonna say they’re all good friends
or is it?

there;s a lot of proofs to show that Hello!Project might meant more than just friendly hug and singing..togetherness…

boobin’ one another

and the ever so infamous all around the world


but then again..
it might be just fanservice..
whose to complaint?

surely NOT me XD

don’t drool to much now will yah XD

ps: i wanna know which concert did Gaki and Nonotan fan serviced XD..
it seems like around 2006-2007 XD


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I was reading through Taiyou’s blog and i found this!!

Taiyou called it “家族三人の似顔絵や~!!
“and three family potrait”

Aren’t it just cute….in a weird way?
Sugiura and Nozomi in their wedding outfit and baby Noa..just being cute! XD

he also added that the potrait is uplifting…
He seems to enjoy this potrait very much

sorry its just a very very harsh translation XD..
i really need to learn my Japanese language XD


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