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So crazy!!!

heachan is definitely going crazy…

with Namie Amuro-san’s “So Crazy” song!!! ♥

This song is amazing…Hopefully i didn’t butchered it badly XD……



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Pepper keibu

pepper keibu

pepper keibu

Yes people…The top pictures are the COVERS for what seems to be Morning Musume’s 37th Single covers…
Its a bit…uh futuristic..a mixture of Morning Musume ~Complete singles~ and Resonant Blue mashed together dont you think?…

Firstly..hey ya’ll im back XD
been busy writing on my OWN personal blog rather than ranting abt idols XD…

Im not THAT looking forward for this single..But at the same time..im itching to listen how it turns out…
Pepper Keibu is the most infamous single by PINK LADY themselves…

I think we could sigh in relief now or slap your head and say “I KNEW IT”…why?..Well..firstly..uh…Gaki and Ai was doing a remake drama of Pink Lady..DUUUHHHH…

It was said..they will do a more danceable version of the song…

so let see ..Pink Lady’s ORIGINAL version is not danceable for us?…As if!
I’ve listen to Mizrock’s version of PINK LADY’s Pepper Keibu…
and im not convince that anyone can do better than Pink Lady….

well…we’ll just have to wait and see then…
Im sure Tsunku have a way to destroy…errr…..make the song more…”danceable”…ppfffttt….

Judging from the covers…
Reina was placed in the middle in the three covers…

Do this mean…she’ll have the lead again?..
*reminiscing Ambitious single*

Not to be mean..
But aren’t Ai’s and ReiChan’s voices are OVER..OVERLY…OVERLY!!! USED in every singles already?…

Come on Tsunku…I know their more famous and want to upsale too…
But don’t you think you’re overdoing it?….
Give some chance to the other members..
When i say other members..I DON’T MEAN THAT KOHATRAMP again!!!
I practically almost lost my left ear hearing now…[seriously..i need to get it checked!]

But the main question remains…

will Ame no furanai something…be the 2nd track?

what you guys think?…


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I’ve been meaning to do this for a while..
nekocafe will still be used.But simply for fangirling only from now on…

My new personal blog is eyesofastoryteller.wordpress.com
{Eyes of a story teller} XD

Basically…this a typical confession of a teenager’s blog..
So have a go and see…maybe stop by and say “hi” 🙂


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It has been a couple of months since my last update on Japanese Artistes blogs
Today im bringing you another sets of Japanese artistes blogs that you guys might adored or idolized..
We start of with the eldest ex-member of Morning Musume Nakazawa Yuko

[Click on the pictures to go in their blogs]

Next onto Idoling!! members…

first of Kato Sayaka

Koizumi Rumi

Takiguchi Mira


Sakai Hitomi

Asahi Nao

Kikuchi Ami

Miyake Hitomi

and last but not least.

Vanilla Beans

PS: A fellow Morning Musume, Sayumi Michishige is a BIG fan of Idoling!! XD

enjoy …you wotas loving artistes XD…


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SPEED reunites!

Woah..great news great news to SPEED fans..The pop-group that disbanded since March 2000, wil reunite again by the end of this month..The group consisted of  Okinawa singers Hitoe Arakaki, Takako Uehara, Eriko Imai and Hiroko Shimabukuro will held a concert at Tokyo Nippon Budokan that will be broadcast on Nippon Tv 24-hours on August 30th and 31st.

They are planning to settle down as a group again…DEPENDING the reactions of their fans…

Honestly im pretty happy that they’re coming back.
Although i never listen a lot to their music nor even being a fan of them.
I really do hope that the showbiz especially the fans will welcomed them back in open arms..:)



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Lately, i’ve been listening in to Malay songs [GAH 0_0]

anyways, Basically im recommending a new song from Estranged a dude from, Sabah i think…Yay! for talents hailed from sabah XD..

Of course he didn’t win Akademi Fantasia, but his music is addicting.
I think the same case like Daughtry XD…

Anyways..im recommending for a go and listen to Estranged “Yang Pernah” song.Taken from their album “Remain Unknown” directed by Karen Cai.

Lyrics and video are taken from a youtuber called “estrangedkl”

silakan puas sudah disuruh
nyatakan mimpi yg tak pernah lengkap
lakukan apa saja yang kamu mampu
sudahlah biar yg telah lalu
lapaskan kesemua yg pernah ada
alihkan kalau ada masih tertinggal

cukuplah kalau
beratnya ada
disamping kamu

andainya aku tau
ertinya disuruh
semua yg pernah minta

tibalah waktu untuk bersedar
kerana giliran sudah menyeru
yg pasti yg panggil itu suci lagi
berilah sedikit untuk aku
hilangkan rasa hati yg tak percaya
biarkan dia yg bilang jgn lagi

cukuplah kalau
beratnya ada
disamping kamu

andainya aku tau
ertinya disuruh
semua yg pernah minta
andainya aku cari
dimana dituju
semua yg pernah jumpa

jangan minta yg lebih
kerana tiada yg memberi
yg ada cuma mungkin kamu disini

oh tunjukkanlah aku yang benar

andainya aku tau
ertinya disuruh
semua yg pernah minta
andainya aku cari
dimana dituju
semua yg pernah jumpa

Woooo ohhh ohhh…



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statement ~appologies~

I just wanna appologize for the previous post i’ve wrote.
I was in a little pressured..
and Im not the kind of person that will lashed it out…
I used to do that..

Now im trying to change that habit by writing down the thoughts and fore see it in a positive point of view…


Edit: I took ofF the previous previous post…I might change blog too..it seems i can’t speak my mind anymore…-__-

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