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i got my hand on Hello Project Digital Photo Album 🙂
Because the Cd i bought yesterday for photoshop installing..stuff ..didn’t work XD..
So we went to the shop again..
and he said we can trade it for the same Adobe photoshop..and we keep on searching for the same CD for almost an hour where i finally lost it and said to my brother “lets just take other CD” XD

and so i exchange the broken CD to ……

yes..this CD contains..

Digital photos of

[PArt 1]

Aya matsuura- 4 volume
Ai Takahashi- 4 volume
Maki Goto- 4 volume
Mari Yaguchi- 4 volume

[Part 2]

Asami Konno – 4 volume

[Part 3]

Fujimoto Miki-4 volume

[Part 4 ]

Niigaki risa- 1 volume

[Part 5 ]

Reina Tanaka- 1 volume

[Part 6]

Ishikawa Rika- 1volume




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Woah…i haven’t heard of her for quite sometime now…
Really miss Yagumama…

Looks like Yagumama is slowly coming back…

This march will be hectic for her XD

* 01 March 2008
* Cry For Help! ~Uchuu Station Chikaku no Baiten ni te~
* 04 March 2008
* Kasupe! Owarai Geinin
* 08 March 2008
* One day only concert-event
* Yaguchi, Yasuda and C-ute at Zepp Nagayo
* 09 March 2008
* One day only concert-event
* Yaguchi, Yasuda, Kamei, Michishige and Tanaka at Zepp Nagayo
* 15 March 2008
* Tokyo Girls Collection 2008 fashion show
* 29 March 2008
* Kunfu-kun premieres
* Kung fu kun premiers in Japan
* 30 March 2008

its great to see yagumama is back on the spotlight XD

well..im being extremely nice today…and thought on sharing some yagumama’s pic

amazing eh?….

I really love all the pics ……so enjoy 🙂


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