OMG…I was gonna do a H!P funny review again……

but i just realized…
Today’s my exam starts…
at 8:00AM…Mannnnnnnnn……..*close eyes* DEAR GOD…LEMME PASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!




I hate this friggin song..
UNFORTUNATELY, Im starting to like the music and the lyrics….
DAMN IT! why indonesians have great musics!!!! XD
 masih tertinggal bayanganmu
yang telah membekas di relung hatiku
hujan tanpa henti seolah bertanda
cinta tak disini lagi kau telah berpaling
biarkan aku menjaga perasaan ini
menjaga segenap cinta yang telah kau beri
engkau pergi aku takkan pergi
kau menjauh aku takkan jauh
sebenarnya diriku masih mengharapkanmu
ooh oooh

masih adakah cahaya rindumu
yang dulu selalu cerminkan hatimu
aku takkan bisa menghapus dirimu
meskipun kulihat kau kini diseberang sana
biarkan aku menjaga perasaan ini
menjaga segenap cinta yang telah kau beri
engkau pergi aku takkan pergi
kau menjauh aku takkan jauh
sebenarnya diriku masih mengharapkanmu
ooh oooh


andai akhirnya kau tak juga kembali
aku tetap sendiri menjaga hati

biarkan aku menjaga perasaan ini
menjaga segenap cinta yang telah kau beri
engkau pergi aku takkan pergi
kau menjauh aku takkan jauh
sebenarnya diriku masih mengharapkanmu
ooh oooh

biarkan aku menjaga perasaan ini
menjaga segenap cinta yang telah kau beri
engkau pergi aku takkan pergi
kau menjauh aku takkan jauh
sebenarnya diriku masih mengharapkanmu
ooh oooh

sejujurnya ak masih mengharapkanmu
oooh ooohh




Sharing Some H!P loves


how many times you hear fans saying “I wanna this PB..but i can’t afford it”..or “The PB is not on sale in my region?”..
Well…Im here to share some of the PBs that you might liked…

PS: Click on the image for the links to download

 [Niigaki Risa-Happy Girl]


 [Yoshizawa Hitomi-Hello!Yossui]

 [Takahashi Ai- Mou Hitotsu No Ai]

 [Sayumi Michishige- Sou Sou]



MOre to come..please enjoy this first 🙂





Hmmm….It seems 2008 is the YEAR of SCANDALS…eh..i mean..ROMANCE for our fellow H!P girls…and prolly Johnny’s Jr boys…After MM then BK now C-ute…Tsunku really can’t keep his girls innocent these days…

C-ute member, Arihara Kanna apparently went to the “movies” with fellow JJ member  Ryosuke Hashimoto. For a moment there i thought it was Ryosuke Yamada involved in the some sort of “scandal” like movie-date. I was ready to pull out my sakabatou and go all KungFu Panda at her. when i saw “Hashimoto” i was like..THANK GOD! XD…

International Wota have wrote and i quote “ Now if only Airi would get with Yamada Ryosuke “.* points sakabatou at tsukiki* EDIT THAT NOW!!!..Ryochan is VERY far league for that Airi to have.. Sorry i don’t see a point why Airi is liked more in C-ute..Seriously..There’s MORE talented,CUTE,AMAZING dancer and ACTUALLY CAN SING GIRLS in the group. So sorry if im getting people pissed of over this..
I would be ok if Ryochan end up dating with anyother C-ute member THAN Airi -__-

Anyways,BACK to the actual point WHY im blogging LOL..It seems H!P girls is MORE closer and comfortable to JJ boys rather than “normal” boys. They go out AS FRIENDS to the movies..well..according to the 2nd picture, IT AIN’T FRIENDLY GESTURE DER!

But, UFA gotta see the other side of this..Kanna is what? 14? 16? She’s growing up. Of course she would want to interact with the opposite sex sometime soon.Plus is just movies. Its not like..Latenight picture..hugging..kissing..smiling..kissing videotape *wink wink* points to a certain member from Berryz Kubou *wink wink*

So thats ok..Come on UFA, Kanna is not your lead singer either..for all people know she and a couple of girls in C-ute just stands in as backup dancers..Not only C-ute BUT Berryz and MoMuSu too.
Just close this so called “Scandal friendly date” thingy and just move on with their next single…

The worst thing you guys do to her is to suspend her or make up some “graduation shit” to continue “normal life”.

Im not suprised at this newly found “scandal -like” story anymore..
I would be suprise if any H!P member founded dating with their fellow members tho’..That would be shocking LOL..As for JJ boys, “that” kind of story wouldn’t be suprising to me..because they are by far the “gayest” groups i’ve ever met in my life…XD..


PS: Somehow i lost my points in this post.so yeah XD..its crap loaded XD



Another 2008 news headline event…

on July 14th 2008, it made official that Ayaka Nagate[26] [real name: Kimura Ayaka] or formely known as Coconut Musume Ayaka tied the knot to a pro-golfer  Hideto Tanihara [29] after a half year of relationship.

On July 17, will be Tanihara’s 3rd consecutive appearance at British Open and Ayaka will tag along to support her new husband.


Congrats to the newly weds and may prosperity and happiness poured down to your lives 🙂




ps: Happy Birthday Koharu Kusumi[16] -today- and Sayumi MIchishige[19] -July 13th,2008…



There’s a lot of H!P bloggers out there have out done themselves especially the guys at Hello!Island by recreating some bubble talks from some H!P pictures..especially from Morning Musume.
Some of them are down right pervs and some are funny..either way…what a better way to make your idol..seems…normal?..

Im gonna give a go on this…
It might be good ..it might be NOT..
Either way..sit back..hold the mouse, scroll down,relax and enjoy 🙂

LinLin: the b**ch stole my pose [->Koharu]
Koharu: Oh yeah..im sexy now…come get some wota babies
Gaki: Dude! you’re awesome!!
Eri: Everybody PUMP your body like this…yeah baby!

Sayumi: What the f*ck is Gakisan and Ai chan is doing??

Koharu: ITS STRIP TIME!!!!

Reina: *giggles and laughs*..[im gonna F**KING kill you after we stop airing..] *giggle and stare*

Maimi: *smile* im dressing up like daddy now..WHO’S DADDY’S LITTLE GIRL NOW?

Gaki: Oh yes..rub it more!!! KYAAAA…

Goal Keeper: GOD not another crotch on my face…

JunJun: Im Chinese..Asian…Joined the famous girl group Morning Musume..Im a sly..sexy…and LEGAL!
           [What more can you asked for an Asian?]


Ai: Put a sock in it over there..IM trying to make a speech here???

LOL…i can;t think of anything other than this now..maybe i’ll try again soon..

hope ya’ll like it 😀

Thats a long title..
Well i’ve thought on doing this for quite sometime now..

my thought goes like “Hell i wanna do this..I might not be an idol like them..but it doesn’t hurt to think as one once in a while” then i go PFFTTTT!!! cheah right 😛

Im not sure whether anyone have done this before..
but im so doing this lol..
So if you’re doing the questionairs to don’t forget to comment me your link to the post…
I would love to read it 🙂

This is a good way for someone to get to know a little about the writer behind these posts…LOL

 1. Nickname : Sha, Kirah, heachan, mama, coco

2. Origin of your name : Im not sure really..LOL

3. Family members : Dad, mom[deceased], Older Brother, 2nd oldest sister, Chel [My  Tabby Cat] and Amy [older sister’s somesort Persian-like cat]

4. Interests : Reading Mangas and playing RPG games

5. Strong point : I am a joker [seriously,EVERYONE told me that -_-]

6. Weak point : I’m fickle-minded, exteremely nice and considerate [i consider as a weak-point *_*] and sensitive

7. Weakness: Height and darkness

8. Mental Age : Not sure, but it IS lower than my ACTUAL age *laughs*

9. Something surprising about yourself: Im quite intelligent in math accountings 0_0′

10. What kind of animal do you think you are : Horse *laughs*

11. Habitual saying : Ee~~!!

12. Habitual movement :Scratches head *scratch*

13. Charm point :Eyes and smile

14. The advantage of being a girl : I can be a mother!

15. What you would do if you are a male : Cut my hair short and grow beard and side burns 🙂 

16. Favorite color : Light green and Purple

17. Favorite flower : Black and Red roses

18. Favorite movie : 1 litre of tears

19. Favorite book : None

20. Favorite manga : Junjou Romantica,Double Snake,FAKE,Gravitation *wink wink*

21. Favourite TV show : F.R.I.E.N.D.S, The simpsons, My wife and kids, 8 simple rules, Faith and Hope and According to Jim

22. Favorite saying: Really?

23. Favorite season: Autumn

24. Favourite food: Sweets [thats not really a food right? *laughs*]

25. Food that you hate the most: Any bitter vegetables

26. Favorite odour: sweet calm odours

27. Favorite song: Konayuki by Remioromen

28. Favorite artist : Koda Kumi, Morning Musume,Namie Amuro,Maki Goto,RSP and Rythem

29. Favorite gem: Emerald

30. Favorite place: Parks

31. Favorite game: Runescape! atm *sweatdrop*

32. Countries you want to visit the most: Japan

33. The creepiest thing in the world: slimy bugs

34. Artists who are your good friends: heralovesmusic [from youtube]

35. Best Skill: Imitations

36. What you are good at cooking: Fried Rice and Black Pepper Chicken!

37. Best sport: Volleyball

38. Secret of losing weight: still searching~

39. The song that you always sing in karaoke singing: any Japanese song from H!P or AVEX

40. Subjects you are good at: English

41. Subjects you are not good at: Math and history

42. What you do when you are not paying attention during classtime: Drawing on a piece of paper or singing in my head *laughs*

43. Co-curricular activtiy: Im a good 100M runner and heavy ball throwing [i don’t know the name *sweatdrops*]

44. When to start revising for examinations: a week before the exam and on the examination day! ;3

45. Memorizing skill: Talk out loud and write it over and over again

46. Favorite school activity: Sport festivals!

47. The school rule that you cannot tolerate : Must wear class representatives nametags at ALL times! [I was a class rep for 2 years *laughs*]

48. Views on bully cases : They shouldn’t do that…they should all be friends!

49. 50m run record: Not sure [my 100m best time was 13.5 seconds-Maybe half of it *laughs*]

50. What do you first do in the morning: I find my cat and pat her head ;3

51. What do you last do before going to bed: Scratch my head and comb my hair *laughs*

52. Average time period of sleeping: Around 8-12 hours [Its TRUE!]

53. Average time period of bathing: LESS than 30 minutes

54. Ways of maintaining health: Always do simple workouts everyday 🙂

55. Pocket money amount: Around 10 dollars

56. Pets:Chel [Tabby cat]

57. What you usually dream of: Stuffs about all the people around me [sometimes it happened in real life too after i dreamt it! >_<]

58. Things that you usually bring with you:wallet and Handphone

59. The most important criteria of the partner you like: Not to serious and Not to loose..just someone that i can be with comfortably!

60. The type of person from the opposite gender that you cannot tolerate: Liar and unloyal

61. What do you do when you are in love: I smile and day-dream about him 🙂

62. Age of first love: When I was in Day Care [Around 4-5 ->Lasted for years LOL]

63. Dream date: A Walk around the park on a warm day 🙂

64. Preferable age of getting married : 25 yrs old

65. Mobile phone strap : None -__-

66. Mobile phone ringtone:Koda Kumi-Last Angel 

67. Mobile Phone Wallpaper: None -_-

68. Number of SMS partners: Around 5

69. Number of SMS sent everyday: At least 5

70. Clothing you often wear: Jeans and T-Shirts

71. Special clothing: Cap

72. Accessories you often wear : none

73. Things you wear everyday: Belt

74. Favorite brand: None

75. Make ups : Black Eye liner and orange/pink-ish fade lipstick with lip gloss

76. Motivation to become an artist: Watching my idols

77. Artist you first liked: Koda Kumi

78. Artist you want to meet the most: Koda Kumi

79. Artist that you have met that gave you the best impression: none

80. The job that makes you feel the most nervous about : Entertaining people

81. Best impression in your job: Entertaining Guests

82. Dreams you want to achieve before reaching the age of 20: Loose weight!

83. What you would do if you didn’t become an artist: A Hotelier

84. What you want the most now: Meeting my idol

85. What made you cry recently: Memories of my late mother

86. What made you laugh recently: Anything can make me laugh

87. What you are enthusiastic about recently: Games

88. What you are very much concerned about recently:My soon-to-broke celphone

89. Recent first experience: Being an Emcee

90. Motto: Face everything with a smile on your face!

91. Historical figure that you admire : Tunku Abdul Rahman and Dr.Mahathir

92. Ways of managing stress: Listen to music

93. Inspiration: To be a more understanding person 🙂

94. Collection: Posters and yearly coins [1958,1960,2007 etc]

95. The most precious thing:Family and REAL friends!

96. What you would do if you win a 300,000,000 Yen Lottery: I want to paint my room and help my dad in money terms 🙂

97. What you would do if the world is to end tomorrow: Im going to try my hardest to let ALL my family members and friends know how they meant MUCH to me in this world 🙂

98. What you would bring along if you are to go to an isolated island:Food,A friend and books  🙂

99. What you would do if you have a time machine: I’ll go back in time to meet and spent as much time with my late mother again

100. What would your wish be if God grant you one wish : I Wish for the people in this world to live peacefully side by side 🙂