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Everyone’s performance is great..

Stacy: both perf. are AMAZING!!
Nadia: The first one is MIND BLOWING..but not the second perf.
Riz: Both are great
Nubhan: The first one is ok..the second one is SOULFULL
Toi: he’s good..but need something more..like UMMPHHH..



The 5th place winner is: Nadia [I honestly think she would be in top 3..I guess people’s vote matters more than a voice -__- ..but everyone can see it…from her previous votings…]

The 4th place winner is: Toi [I expect him to be in the 5th place…I don’t think his voice is great..but well either 4 or 5 is ok XD]

The 3rd place winner is: Nubhan [he got the voice…but need more XD]

The 2nd place winner is: Riz [He deserves it!!…]

The  WINNER  is none other than: STACY!!!!! [We all actually know that Stacy might be a winner but you know a lot of people won’t want a Sabahan talent to win…but im kinda happy that A.F6 choose a REAL TALENT! instead of just face :)]


NAMA PENUH : Stracie Angie Anam
NAMA AF6 : Stacy
NAMA TIMANGAN : Putet (atau teeeeeeet )
UMUR : 18 Tahun
TARIKH LAHIR : 18 Ogos 1990
ASAL : Kg Tuavon, Penampang, SABAH
BANGSA : Kadazan
STATUS : Bujang
TINGGI : 155 cm
BERAT : 51kg
HOBI : Menari, menyanyi*
IDOLA : Christina Aguilera, Felix AF3*CONGRATS TO HER 🙂




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