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Everyone’s performance is great..

Stacy: both perf. are AMAZING!!
Nadia: The first one is MIND BLOWING..but not the second perf.
Riz: Both are great
Nubhan: The first one is ok..the second one is SOULFULL
Toi: he’s good..but need something more..like UMMPHHH..



The 5th place winner is: Nadia [I honestly think she would be in top 3..I guess people’s vote matters more than a voice -__- ..but everyone can see it…from her previous votings…]

The 4th place winner is: Toi [I expect him to be in the 5th place…I don’t think his voice is great..but well either 4 or 5 is ok XD]

The 3rd place winner is: Nubhan [he got the voice…but need more XD]

The 2nd place winner is: Riz [He deserves it!!…]

The  WINNER  is none other than: STACY!!!!! [We all actually know that Stacy might be a winner but you know a lot of people won’t want a Sabahan talent to win…but im kinda happy that A.F6 choose a REAL TALENT! instead of just face :)]


NAMA PENUH : Stracie Angie Anam
NAMA AF6 : Stacy
NAMA TIMANGAN : Putet (atau teeeeeeet )
UMUR : 18 Tahun
TARIKH LAHIR : 18 Ogos 1990
ASAL : Kg Tuavon, Penampang, SABAH
BANGSA : Kadazan
STATUS : Bujang
TINGGI : 155 cm
BERAT : 51kg
HOBI : Menari, menyanyi*
IDOLA : Christina Aguilera, Felix AF3*CONGRATS TO HER 🙂




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Yes you read the title correctly…
this is their week 7 concert and by far the WEAKEST performance ever…
the reason i didn’t do any review here is because thats how bad the performance are that i LOST the feeling to review..
but to satisfied your craving..

This is my overall review..

This week’s concert is BAD, even the strong voices are WORST tonight!
Of course there are some ‘good’ pointers but its lesser than the bad ones XD

so rather than bashing i’ll tell you guys who was voted out…


yesh! finally..he’s out..Im actually ARE glad that he’s finally out…that dude can’t sing..i kept on wondering why he stay strong there..If its because of the face..GAWD please..beggars looks much better than that guy..

so im looking forward for STANLY to be kicked out..
i know he have a TENOR voice..but gawd..he can’t sing any other ranges..he’s mezzo is bad..he’s alto is even worst..even worst!

Im also looking forward for Toi to be voted out to..I like his charisma..unfortunately he can’t sing that good -__-

well..off my rant XD


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