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It has been a couple of months since my last update on Japanese Artistes blogs
Today im bringing you another sets of Japanese artistes blogs that you guys might adored or idolized..
We start of with the eldest ex-member of Morning Musume Nakazawa Yuko

[Click on the pictures to go in their blogs]

Next onto Idoling!! members…

first of Kato Sayaka

Koizumi Rumi

Takiguchi Mira


Sakai Hitomi

Asahi Nao

Kikuchi Ami

Miyake Hitomi

and last but not least.

Vanilla Beans

PS: A fellow Morning Musume, Sayumi Michishige is a BIG fan of Idoling!! XD

enjoy …you wotas loving artistes XD…



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how many times you hear fans saying “I wanna this PB..but i can’t afford it”..or “The PB is not on sale in my region?”..
Well…Im here to share some of the PBs that you might liked…

PS: Click on the image for the links to download

 [Niigaki Risa-Happy Girl]


 [Yoshizawa Hitomi-Hello!Yossui]

 [Takahashi Ai- Mou Hitotsu No Ai]

 [Sayumi Michishige- Sou Sou]



MOre to come..please enjoy this first 🙂




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Hmmm….It seems 2008 is the YEAR of SCANDALS…eh..i mean..ROMANCE for our fellow H!P girls…and prolly Johnny’s Jr boys…After MM then BK now C-ute…Tsunku really can’t keep his girls innocent these days…

C-ute member, Arihara Kanna apparently went to the “movies” with fellow JJ member  Ryosuke Hashimoto. For a moment there i thought it was Ryosuke Yamada involved in the some sort of “scandal” like movie-date. I was ready to pull out my sakabatou and go all KungFu Panda at her. when i saw “Hashimoto” i was like..THANK GOD! XD…

International Wota have wrote and i quote “ Now if only Airi would get with Yamada Ryosuke “.* points sakabatou at tsukiki* EDIT THAT NOW!!!..Ryochan is VERY far league for that Airi to have.. Sorry i don’t see a point why Airi is liked more in C-ute..Seriously..There’s MORE talented,CUTE,AMAZING dancer and ACTUALLY CAN SING GIRLS in the group. So sorry if im getting people pissed of over this..
I would be ok if Ryochan end up dating with anyother C-ute member THAN Airi -__-

Anyways,BACK to the actual point WHY im blogging LOL..It seems H!P girls is MORE closer and comfortable to JJ boys rather than “normal” boys. They go out AS FRIENDS to the movies..well..according to the 2nd picture, IT AIN’T FRIENDLY GESTURE DER!

But, UFA gotta see the other side of this..Kanna is what? 14? 16? She’s growing up. Of course she would want to interact with the opposite sex sometime soon.Plus is just movies. Its not like..Latenight picture..hugging..kissing..smiling..kissing videotape *wink wink* points to a certain member from Berryz Kubou *wink wink*

So thats ok..Come on UFA, Kanna is not your lead singer either..for all people know she and a couple of girls in C-ute just stands in as backup dancers..Not only C-ute BUT Berryz and MoMuSu too.
Just close this so called “Scandal friendly date” thingy and just move on with their next single…

The worst thing you guys do to her is to suspend her or make up some “graduation shit” to continue “normal life”.

Im not suprised at this newly found “scandal -like” story anymore..
I would be suprise if any H!P member founded dating with their fellow members tho’..That would be shocking LOL..As for JJ boys, “that” kind of story wouldn’t be suprising to me..because they are by far the “gayest” groups i’ve ever met in my life…XD..


PS: Somehow i lost my points in this post.so yeah XD..its crap loaded XD



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This is some great big shit we have..
sorry for using such language..
but i think i just died and gone to heaven…XD

I was woken up by a call from Miss [forgot her name XD],saying that i was choosen to be interviewed by the college department governments because i am good..what the hell man…i choked even talking to people..[haha..that is SO NOT true XD]
when i opened my computer, to many messages wanting me to be in their groupdub [which i declined all due to hectic life XD..now]

well not that shocking actually XD
Like the April Fool Jokes Jinryuichi pulled on us readers XD
makes me think..with a talent and beauty like Maki, I don’t think H!P will be her last label XD..
and seriously I had put my 2 coins in the lot to guess she’s in with Avex…

When i first saw her FIRST avex picture..
sorry to say..I love both this girls…but i just had to say this


Goto Maki will be working under RythmZone label which also works with EXILE and Koda Kumi etc..

Now our questions are answered on why she’s in LA with krumping and voice training..
Good Luck to Gomaki…eh…i don’t think we should call her on H!P fan name..

WE must have new Fan Name for HER!!

GoKKI! yahhh….[Thats so lame XD]

anyways this is her new look as of today AS an AVEX artist..




Her new profile and information can be found at her own website:  http://rhythmzone.net/maki/index.html

the last thing im gonna say abt Gokki new ‘transformation’ is..

…she left H!P because they way UFA and Tsunku gets her to do and act up sexy is not her thing…i think…she forgot in Avex…SEX SELLS! XD……


anyways…Now onto a different story…Tsuji Nozomi..or what i always called her nonochi…
finally made an appearance on yuko’s birthday concert bringing a cake..

this is a mic rip from the concert 🙂

and finally a “birthday” singing from nonochi..to tell you the truth i was almost in tears listening to this..
Finally nonochi voice after maternity leave..

im hoping that this would be a sign of her coming back…




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Happy Father’s Day to ALL the father’s in the world…
Especially to the handsome man on the mug [which was a present] to my DAD!

The pictures is taken by yours truly♥ XD

and also..

I want to take a little time to say HAPPY PAPA DAY to



Taiyou Sugiura-san

Both “new” daddies in the world of HP XD
…..so to all “daddies” bloggers out there…to fellow daddies…and my dad..



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Is one of Buono singers,Natsuyaki Miyabi is on the plank of getting kicked out?
There;s rumour saying that she is currently dating a Hey!Say! JUMP member Inoo Kei
But there’s also suspicion that the rumoured “boyfriend” is Natsuyaki Miyabi’s classmate from Middle School…

The pictures who is ‘supposedly’ being Natsuyaki Miyabi was released all over the internet on June 2nd,2008



There’s still NO official statement abt this..yet…

but…”the might be Miyabi” outfit here..

is AWFULLY the same with buono Promo Picture…

and also check her B.L.Tu -17 Questionaire.. NUMBER 73!!!…

hmmm….what are the odds of it..LOL…

i hear “someone might leave H!P to continue study and lead private life” echoing in my head…LOL


Of course if this is true *cough* i don’t think a lot of people have the exact Miyabi’s chin *cough*
UFA will take the matter at their hands..and you’ll know what happen…A LOT OF COVER UPS WILL HAPPEN *cough* on the previous note..see the BOLD notes *COUGH*

How long UFA gonna hold this girls from Mr.LOVE??..
They’re growing up..their not the 9-13 year old girls anymore…well….not all of them..
Sooner or later..the puberty will kick in and sail on..
They’re just HUMAN afterall….

BUT THEN AGAIN, UFA contract has made clear of the no dating rule..and they can choose between signing it or not…
Hmm..its getting confused right?..

Overall…if this rumour is true..
Lets just said…someone will continue study and lead private life XD


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Haha…i really need to get a more ‘decent’ title…XD

Well its monday again *sigh*….ya’ll back to work and back to school..but not for me XD…college holiday is loved..yet starting to kill me with boredom XD


I am terribly very sleepy…
slept at 5.10 AM and woke up at 10.55 AM XD…
I tell ya..the damn cat wouldn’t lemme sleep in peace..

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us <–the damn catXD

the original name was Kawaii [named by my sister XD]..its a male..to the noobs out there who doesn’t know what Kawaii is…mean…CUTE XD..

Indeed its cute…YET very irritating..i still couldn’t believe that i almost cried for not getting enough sleep because of him…YES its a male…Anyways..lets move on XD…

eventhough the name’s Kawaii..i still call him ‘Jello’… GAYNESS light brings my PURE yaoi thoughts to named him ‘Jello’ XD..

Don’t be fooled by the cuteness…it IS very …[couldn’t get self to say anything worse XD]

Well monday has been..truly boring to me…i planned to bake cake unfortunately..the boredom called his closest friend “mr LAZY@$$” and asked him to come over and stay for the night XD..so i’ll be lazying around my bum…hungrily

I finally finished downloading Koda Kumi Affections album…
with this…i finally have 4 albums of hers….

– Affection
-Best~second session~
-Black Cherry
and another 4 albums searching to go..to complete my Koda Kumi Shrine XD…
yes…im a big fan of kuu-mama…
Have been a big fan since mid/finals 2002…
i really love her personality..if i ever met her..i think i would passed out..that doesn’t include if i could have her autograf or a pic taken with her..i surely die XD..

As for Ayumi Hamasaki [poor girl left ear gone deaf -__-]
I just caught 3 of her album…im currently looking out for ‘guilty’….i heard its good XD

-(Miss) understood <–a present from my sis…But damn it! i dunno where it went XD..sorry sis…im sure its in my room ..somewhere XD
-My story

and some other H!P related singles XD
I can finally…proudly say that i am a collector XD…well..online collecter XD


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