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On 8th June..Sunday to be precise,was the opening for one of the “large-est” mall in Sabah called at “1 Borneo”.Im not sure if anyone knows the “Big Apple Donut”.

know that label?
My sister..her boyfriend..his daughter and me was in line waiting to buy their “famous-so-called tasty” [and it IS!] doughnut..when i turn softly on my east-south side when i saw “TSUNKU”.
Ok that might not be him..but that guy seriously looked exactly like him.
The Hair..The mold of his face [LOL..i lost word here XD]..the mayuge raise..the smile..the body [structure i meant!]..and the height…

I WAS gonna steal a picture of him from my cellphone..
UNFORTUNATELY..i’ve been staring him for the past 5 minutes..so he was giving me “THE LOOK” …so i couldn’t -__-

but i really wanna XD
he looks just like this:

Everything is the same..Xcept for the suit..
he was wearing blue working shirt..

I could’ve swear it was him..LOL

Just a little update of my curiosity….

–If it was really him..i would just show my singing talent [BAH! like i have one XD infront of him and said “Watashiwa Kyu-kin MoMuSu Memba”

The reason why i said this because on the opening day of the mall..some of Asian finest actors and actresses was called for the ceremony…so i was hoping when i saw Tsunku Lookalike i would see “MOMUSU”..GAKI!!!…REINA!!!..ERI!!!..LINLIN!!! KYAAAA~~~~~~ XD



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