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3.Takaramono [Another Version]
4.Takaramono [Instrumental]

I literally FELL in love after listening to Takaramono for the first time on early 2007..
It reminds me of my late mother.Its a slow lovely aura song.
In my own translation for this song is that no matter what happen in the future, the memories of you and me will always stay close at heart.
I cried listening to this song..even to this day..
Its the kind of song that you should listen to have that pieces of memories that are not well known but is important.

As for Aozora, This song really makes you think about your family when you are 4-5++..
the melody is the same with Takaramono..Not much to say about Aozora.But it will surely make you reminisce about old times with a smile or tear of happiness.

Takaramono [another side] makes me smile more rather than the original version, with the birds chirping on the background..it surely warms your heart..

I highly recommend this single to all of you.Even if you are not a ballad-ish fan.Try and listen to this single.It will surely not gonna let you down!


Download here:http://www.mediafire.com/?mwjadhegj1n


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