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Happy Father’s Day to ALL the father’s in the world…
Especially to the handsome man on the mug [which was a present] to my DAD!

The pictures is taken by yours truly♥ XD

and also..

I want to take a little time to say HAPPY PAPA DAY to



Taiyou Sugiura-san

Both “new” daddies in the world of HP XD
…..so to all “daddies” bloggers out there…to fellow daddies…and my dad..




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Looks like Morning Musume is joining forces with Takarazuka..
Last time they joined forces was several years ago for “Ribon no Kishi”. They will be performing a musical redition of ‘Cinderella’

hurmmm…i wonder whose gonna be the cinderella..I have a strong feeling that either JunJun/Eri or Reina might be it XD

Anyways…to those who lives in japan or planning to go to japan…better watch this musical..i’ve watched Ribon no kishi and it was great …especially with nonotan in there…XD

OK…Finished updating MM…

It seems i finally got a new update of our beloved sole 3rd Generation…Goto Maki, or gomaki, gomatsan, or gocchan…
LOL..wuteva you call her XD…I prefered calling her gomama XD..just like Sayumama [Michishige Sayumi XD]

Anyways…the update is not what im looking forward on tho’..I was actually waiting for gomama’s ‘comeback’ …new single perhaps…or maybe..gomama soon to be married with….XD

Instead i get this

not yet?

how bout now?..clearer right?..
My gomama smokes  -__-

Whats with idols starting to smoke?
Well, i wasn’t really suprise tho XD…
With their hectic lifestyle, they soon tend to turn on something for stress release….
*cough* For examples *cough* Yagumama *cough* Mikity *cough* Kago Ai *cough* XD…
But then again, Aren’t they all people just like us?…
the only different is…every move they take is risky XD..oh and also..people see them as idol..so they gotta be …well..idol-ish…perfect *cough* ;F

Well..i might add…i AM still waiting for my nonotan to be back on show biz XD…and for god sake Sugiura-san, Post a pic of your wife and Noa wa chan together and post it on your blog..i wanna see Nonotan now!! XD

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